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10 Supermarket Snacks You’ll Find In the JSHealth Office

09 September 2019
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Supermarket Snacks

At JSHealth we are all about snacks! Whilst we love to whip up our own home-made snacks, sometimes this just doesn’t happen. Therefore, supermarket snacks can be lifesavers.

Here are 10 supermarket snacks you’ll find in the JSHealth office:

Who doesn’t love popcorn? Salty, sweet or in between, it’s all delicious. We love the brand Serious Popcorn but there are lots of other options in the shopping isle.

Yoghurt is a great choice; rich in calcium, live cultures and protein. When purchasing yoghurt look for unsweetened varieties, options with a higher protein content to help keep you full and brands that list live cultures in the ingredients list.

Guess what pairs well with yoghurt… fruit! Lately we have been loving strawberries and blueberries because they are so incredibly cheap at the moment and also rich in flavour.

A handful of nuts and a piece of fruit is an easy snack to grab from the supermarket. Look for unsalted varieties where possible. Nut butter on fruit slices or carrots is also delicious and nutritious.

Hummous + Veggie Sticks
Hummous paired with veggie sticks is a classic that never gets old. We like the brand Pilpel from the supermarket. Grab a carrot or two or some cucumber or capsicum and you’ve got a balanced snack option.

Chocolate or Carob
There is nothing better than some chocolate with a warm cup of tea. Lately a few of our team members have been enjoying carob in the afternoon for a caffeine free alternative.

Cheese and Crackers
So simple but so satiating. Cheese is also a rich source of calcium and protein. There are now so many cracker options to choose from in the supermarket so try a few different varieties until you find one you like! Brands we like include Mary’s crackers and Carmens.

You will always find a few tins of tuna in the JSHealth pantry. Mix a small tin with some cucumber, tomatoes and hummous for a satisfying snack. Look for options tinned in olive oil or spring water.

Brown rice cakes
Brown rice cakes are so versatile and the topping options are endless. Some of our favourite combinations include peanut butter and banana, ricotta and tomato, avocado and lemon juice, almond butter and blueberries or tuna with hummous.

The humble olive is an underrated food but olives are rich in healthy fats and antioxidants.  Snacking on a few olives also feels a little fancy!



Looking for more snack ideas? There are over 400 recipes in the JSHealth app! Get started here today. 

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