2013- What are your goals? Here are a few of mine….

2013 goals

It is so important to identify your goals for each year. I find writing them down is very effective in making them seem clearer, realistic and more attainable without feeling overwhelmed by them.  Having goals is what keeps us motivated, challenged, inspired and full of life!


Here are my goals for 2013.


  • To be more present- to focus on one thing at a time. Not trying to do it all
  • Awareness – aware of myself and others
  • Less critical of myself and believe what I do and how I do it is enough- ignore the silly thoughts that creep up and cause self doubt
  • To create health workshops for teenage girls
  • Experiment with healthy recipes – at least one great recipe a week
  • Complete my Nutritional Medicine course and enroll into my Masters-eek!
  • To build up my nutrition practice and clientele into a very successful and unique business
  • To experience a yoga retreat for a week
  • To practice yoga twice a week
  • Practice unconditional love and gratitude. I would love to really show my family, friends and partner my unconditional love and gratitude daily (I think I already do but… I could always show more..)
  • Solitude- Making sure I have solitude in my days- Jess time- to refocus and rest
  • Help others feel inspired to live a healthy life and support them on their journey
  • Motivate others
  • Listen more- really listen to what people are telling me without any distractions.
  • Be true to myself
  • Create an E Book – my philosophy and recipes
  • Cook more for my family and friends
  • Connect to and feel inspired by other health lovers/foodies/coaches/teachers



What are yours?


Let this be our year of health!! I know you can do it!

2013 goals

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  • Wow! These are amazing, I love how none of them are really based on ‘you aren’t good enough’ it’s more about things that will bring good things into your life. It sounds like you have an amazing 2013 planned for yourself! I love that you are going to try and do a workshop for teens, I think there is not enough things out there for teens and healthy eating, because so many people I feel can become plagued with the I’m not good enough and perhaps become too strict when eating so one that teaches love, acceptance and how to have totally awesome healthy foods would be amazing!
    I am too definitely focusing on ways I can exercise more and improve my healthy eating 🙂


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