4 Fat Myths Busted

By Dr Gould from Shrink Yourself- The End of Emotional Eating. 

Misinformation about fat and weight makes losing it more difficult. And it’s this kind of misinformation that can really leave you feeling deflated and hopeless as you either

1. Find yourself overweight again after yet another failed diet, or
2. Have simply given up and resigned yourself to believing that you are fat, and fat you’ll stay.

Getting the facts, then, is crucial in achieving any kind of successful weight control. Here are four fat myths that you need to know.

1. Carbs Make You Fat

Scientific fact shows that excess calories make a person fat; not carbohydrates. It’s a simple equation. If your body requires 2,000 calories per day and you feed it 2,500 calories per day, it will have to store those excess calories.

Times an extra 500 calories per day by 7-days and your body has 3,500 extra calories to store after just one-week.

The fact is: Carbohydrates are an essential part of a balanced diet and help fuel activities like exercise, which of course burn excess calories.

For an emotional eater who simply cuts carbs in an effort to lose weight, the chances are high that they will lack the energy required to maintain healthy activity levels, and the satisfaction that comes from eating them. Both of which will only make sticking to such a diet that much harder.

2. Thyroid Problems Make You Fat

This is for the emotional eater who believes the chips are already stacked against them in their chances of ever controlling their weight.

The fact is: thyroid problems do contribute to a lower metabolism, however, there are many, many people with hypothyroidism who maintain a healthy weight.

Do not let a thyroid problem be your reason for staying overweight.

3. Fat Makes You Fat

Just like carbohydrates, your body must have good fats as part of a balanced diet. Some of these good fats include: salmon, avocados and flax meal which are all natural sources of Omega 3 and 6.

The emotional eater who cuts good fat out of their diet will be doing themselves no favors nutritionally. And the deprivation of flavor that these foods would otherwise provide will make it a difficult diet choice to stick to.

4. Family Genes Make You Fat

While family genes can give you a propensity to be overweight, they in no way make it an absolute inevitability. And for the emotional eater who has given up hope of ever controlling their weight simply because they come from an overweight family, I’d ask them to challenge this belief by first addressing the emotional issues that keep them turning to food in the first place.

In doing so, you’ll give yourself the real chance you deserve at controlling your weight, and be in a position to make a much more informed decision about your genes and your weight.

What Does Make You Fat?

In short: Feelings. Emotions are the number one factor in weight-gain. You’re lonely…you eat. You’re bored…you eat. You’re broken-hearted…you eat. You celebrate…you eat.

It’s in getting away from the automatic response to eat when strong emotions arise that you’ll find successful weight control.

The Challenge

Some of you, especially in regard to genes and thyroid problems, may bristle at the idea that they are fat myths. The most powerful thing you can do today, then, is challenge what’s been written here by putting them to the test.

Start by pausing the next time you’re going to overeat. Address what you’re really hungry for. Do it enough times so that you break the emotional eating cycle.

Once you’ve done that, and food is no longer your emotional crutch, you’ll be in a place to honestly assess your weight and see if it’s your emotions that have been keeping you fat, or any of the fat myths.

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  • Lauren

    On point one that calories can make you fat – I wondered whether you are familiar with Gary Taubes work and what your thoughts are on his views?

  • laura

    thankyou for blogging this i have a big phobia of fat eh fat makes you fat i might just put your theory to the test 🙂 xx

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