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4 Ways to Use our Protein Powders

02 June 2020
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Hi angels!

Looking to up your protein intake? Or after some inspo on the yummiest ways to add protein powder into your diet?

Protein powder can be a super simple, convenient way to get more protein into your day to day – it’s quick, easy, and not to mention super delicious! The vegan JSHealth Protein + Probiotics blends even have added probiotic strains for some extra gut love, and are easily digested – they’re perfect if you’re looking for a delicious new protein powder which will sit well in your tummy!

So, here is your fool-proof guide to the best ways to use our delicious protein powders:

1. Protein smoothies

Make a smoothie! Smoothies are SO versatile, and I absolutely love whipping one up for breakfast or a snack during the day! Not only does the addition of my protein powder make smoothies more filling and energising, it also makes them super creamy and yummy! My current favourite is my Cinnamon Scroll Protein Smoothie from the JSHealth App – try it today!

2. Protein yoghurt

Protein mixed in with some Greek or coconut yoghurt (or whatever yoghurt you love) is such a great way to enjoy protein powder! Mix it all up together and it’s almost as delicious as ice cream. Or, another sneaky tip, mix together in advance and then freeze. You’ve got your own version of frozen yoghurt ready to go for when you need a yummy and satiating snack.

3. Overnight oats/porridge

Another of my favourite breakfast options, adding my protein powder to overnight oats is so simple and easy. It adds so much extra flavour to my morning meal. It really energises me for the day ahead, and literally takes five mins to prep the night before – perfect for those mornings you roll out of bed and head straight to work, or for those lacking time or motivation in the mornings.

4. Baking!

Baked goods are a fantastic way to pack in some extra protein. In fact, I find adding my protein powder to my cakes, slices, banana bread etc makes these snacks so much more satiating and energising. I love the flavour boost it gives my baked treats! And, I find my energy levels are much less likely to spike and then crash if I include my protein powder in there.


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