5 Signs you have a Complex Relationship with Food and your Weight

Being honest with yourself is the first step. Do any of these 5 points resonate with you?

  1. You feeling guilt after every meal. You go over the meal in your head, wishing you had less/ate slower/chose something else. You are berating yourself over what you just ate. You usually wake up thinking about what you ate the night before.
  2. You tell yourself “Monday – the dieting begins. I am going to eat well again from Monday”. When you commit to the healthy life – it is a contract to eat well forever – not just from Mondays. When you start to become a balanced eater and kinder to yourself – you don’t have good or bad days with food. You simply tune into your body and eat according to how you feel. Some days you will eat really well and other days you won’t, but you wont be mean to yourself over it. You simply commit to eating well for life – this includes being about to indulge without guilt. Indulgence is healthy too.
  3. You never allow yourself a treat or indulgence and when you do – you cant help but over eat it… I get you! Deprivation and restriction = overeating and bingeing. Give up the diets today. They never work. Or we would all be on the diet that did work by now?
  4. You punish yourself with exercise if you haven’t eaten well/over eaten. I see this all the time in my nutrition practice. You cannot treat your body like this. You cannot eat an entire cake and then go for a 2-hour run. It creates so much stress on your body. Simple commit to eating with moderation and use exercise to help your body become fitter and stronger – exercise is not a way to punish yourself over your diet sins. This is not the best way to become a more balanced eater.
  5. You are tempted by every fad diet/diet trend out there. When you hear of a new way of eating – you immediately get excited about the promises of this new diet trend and jump on that diet train. You are someone who has tried at least 5 fad diets. No judgment. I have tried at least 20. But when I gave up diets for life – my body-mind healed.


Please know I so get and understand you. I was the same. I have spent years healing my relationship with my body and food. I am here supporting and guiding you. You can find out more information here, in my Emotional Eating Guide.


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