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5 Tips I Follow During The Holiday Season

16 December 2018
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The holiday season is one of my favourite times of the year.

I believe we can absolutely still ENJOY the holiday season, be social, drink alcohol, eat delicious food– and come out of this time FEELING GOOD and without gaining weight and feeling bloated.

We need to change our mindsets a little around this time. A lot of jump into this time with the mentality of “I am just going to go all out” because the diet starts in January. Instead, we should let go of this diet mentality and eat consistently well all year – that includes indulgence.  We want to aim to get through the holiday season feeling energised, refreshed and ready for the year ahead.

The JSHealth life is all about balanced eating and mindful indulgence. These simple tips are affective and have proven to work for hundreds of thousands of people in the JSHealth community.

1. Never arrive at events/parties starving
People tend to starve themselves all day before a holiday party or event. This is not a good idea – it usually backfires. When you arrive hungry, you will find it harder to make smart choices and control your portion sizes. Enjoy a protein rich snack before the party such as raw nuts, a cup of Greek yoghurt with cinnamon, veggie sticks with hummus or some protein balls.

2. Always eat a balanced plate of food + Practice portion control
Eat enough of the right foods at every meal during the holiday fun to feel full and satiated. By doing this, you won’t feel the need to overdo t it on the dessert or candy. And – Always get in your veggies.

Your plate should contain:

  • ¼ should be healthy carbs (such as sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice)
  • ¼  should be a healthy protein (such as organic chicken, turkey, grass-fed meat or tofu/tempeh for vegans)
  • ½ your plate should be veggies (such as rocket, spinach, broccolini and asparagus)
  • a portion of healthy fats (such as ¼ avocado, 1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp coconut oil, 1 tbsp walnuts or 1 tbsp sesame seeds

3. Drink alcohol moderately and pace yourself
Give yourself permission to drink but think smart choices + moderation. My rule is: Stop at 1-3 drinks at a party/event and enjoy the best choices: Avoid added fruit juice, mixers, cocktails. Vodka, tequila and gin are cleaner options and mix them with soda, fresh lime, cucumber, or coconut water. Add fresh fruits and mint for a festive feel. Go for red wine over white wine if possible. For best results, stop after two drinks. Drink slowly.

4. Stay active
Aim to get 20 to 30 minutes of movement in each day. Remember to be kind and flexible with your body.

5. Give yourself permission to indulge
Deprivation often backfires with overeating or bingeing. So, give yourself permission to enjoy all holiday treats in moderation. Absolutely try the dessert – just practice portion control. The healthy life is all about balance. We encourage people to try the desserts, enjoy a piece of cake and a glass of champagne. But also, try to experiment with making healthy versions of your favourite foods. At JSHealth we love making healthy versions of your fav holiday treats such as healthy rocky road, healthy brownies, sweet potato bake, healthy Shepperd’s pie, healthy mac + cheese and even cacao pops! The JSHealth life is all about abundance – no deprivation required!


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