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7 Days In Italy: Where To Go And What To Eat

26 July 2019
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Italy Amalfi

For those following me on Instagram, you might have seen that I’ve recently been in Italy for my sister’s wedding. I love to travel and I have to say that my husband, Dean, and I have had one of the best weeks of our lives in Priano and Capri – two of the most beautiful places we’ve ever been to!

As a nutritionist and a massive food lover, I always look forward to trying all of the beautiful fresh, local meals and produce. When travelling, we always ask the locals where they love eating. Going off recommendations is always a great way to seek out beautiful restaurants and this trip was testament to that. Personally, I enjoy eating at low key, relaxed local spots. I’ve found them to be more authentic than the overly hyped or ‘trendy’ places.


Where to eat

  • La Strada: This is a beautifully authentic and delicious dinner spot.
  • il Pirata: This venue is incredibly romantic! A must visit for couples.
  • D Adolfo: I love coming here for lunch as it’s got an incredible vibe!
  • Kasai: This is such a romantic dinner spot with an incredible view.

What to do

  • Path of the Gods walk: It’s so hard but so gorgeous.
  • Boat ride to Positano: It’s beautiful for a stop over for lunch and we ate at Chez Black.

Where to stay

  • Hotel Grand Tritone: This is in an unbelievable location and the swimming area is simply divine.

Next time

On the wish list for next time are La Conca del Sogno for lunch and La Tagliata for a farm-to-table style meal.

amalfi blog


This is my new favourite place.

Where to eat

  • La Capannina: Authentic and romantic.
  • Da Paolina: For a beautiful dinner under the lemon tree.
  • Terrazza Brunella: Best view and most romantic spot.
  • Gelosamina: For sunset and dinner.
  • Buonocore: For their healthy deli salads.

What to do

  • Buonocore: For gelato. It’s best you will ever have. Get the Capri dream flavour!
  • A boat ride around the island: It’s a must to see the blue Grottos. It’s simply incredible.
  • JK Place: Drinks at for a view.
  • La Fontalina: A day at the beach or the beach next door to it.

Where we stayed

  • La Minerva: This is just my type of place. It is very boutique and cosy. The pool and location are outstanding.


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