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8 Non-Diet Health Resolutions for 2020

23 December 2019
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A Letter from Jess:

My darling JSHealth girls,

What a year it has been, living and loving the JSHealth life together! I am truly so proud of you for your dedication to living the healthy life. 

Doing it together feels so much easier, right? I hope you feel our genuine love and care for you.  JSHealth’s honest mission and purpose has always been to support you to live your best and healthiest life with kindness and balance. 

Our vitamins, books, app and 8-week program were all created for one simple reason: to help you navigate this crazy world of wellness, and find a sustainable way of life that provides you with true freedom, body love and happiness. 

And do you want to know what makes us the proudest?  

The way our products are helping women around the world FEEL GOOD from the inside out! This is what sets us apart from the rest. THIS is what drives us to keep creating products for you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting JSHealth the way that you do. Please know I am here supporting your dreams and goals, too. I hope the JSHealth team and I can continue to support you to live your best and truest life. 

I love you all, my girls.  Be kind, be well. 

See you in the new year!

Jess xx


8 Non-Diet Health Resolutions for 2020

As the new year approaches, it’s time to make our resolutions for 2020. For a lot of us, these resolutions are weight-related: I want to lose 5kgs, I want to get skinnier, I want to put on some weight. But how about this – try making some healthy resolutions that don’t involve dieting or losing weight!

This will help you create a healthier relationship with food and your body, and make you more likely to smash your goals!

1. Re-adjust your mindset around health.

Start to see health as a long-term lifestyle, not just a short-term phase or quick fix. Make small changes each week – things you can implement on an ongoing basis, such as cutting your coffee intake by one cup per day.

Then, let go of the numbers. You shouldn’t be focussing on counting calories, or carbs. You should be focussing on eating enough nutrients and whole foods, and things that make your body thrive!

Remember, if health is a long-term journey, be kind to yourself along the way. You may stray from the path, but that’s okay – just try again. Acknowledge your successes, and appreciate yourself and your efforts – just do the best you can!

2. Don’t skip meals or nutrients.

Skipping meals is not healthy! Not only does it lead to bingeing later, but it creates a negative relationship with food!

Instead, make sure to eat regularly, including all the important food groups at each meal: carbs, protein, fats and fibre. These are all so important, and none should be forgotten.

3. Make cooking at home a regular event.

Cooking at home can be simple, fast and easy – and is such a great way to nourish your body and eat wholesome food. Follow JSHealth recipes, which take just 15-20 minutes, and are fuss-free and doable for anyone! These recipes are nutritionally-balanced and delicious! There are more than 450 to choose from in the app.

4. Start making healthy swaps.

Instead of cutting out foods or food groups, simply make healthy swaps! Think things like switching white bread or pasta for the wholegrain varieties. Never restrict yourself by aiming to eat “perfectly” – there is no such thing as a perfect diet, and we want to avoid feeling deprived or limited!

5. Embrace rest.

Finally we’re beginning to recognise the enormous impact stress has on the body. Stress contributes to poor gut health, and a whole range of diseases, so it is absolutely essential to give your body time to rest and recover. This means taking rest days from exercise, and also giving yourself time off to read a book, spend time with friends, or have a nap! Give yourself a break from work and social media – your body and mind will thank you for it!

6. Focus on healing your relationship with your body.

This is the most important part of your health journey, and the foundation of JSHealth! Learn to appreciate and love your body, and reconnect to what it wants and thrives off. Reconnecting to your body will help you make healthier choices, and maintain a long-term healthy lifestyle focussing on nourishment, not punishment. Try yoga, spending time alone, scheduling in downtime and listening to your body.

7. Drink more water.

This is underrated – it has such a massive impact on your health! Carry a bottle with you at all times, and drink consistently throughout the day!

8. Move in a way that makes you happy.

Ditch the punishing exercise and choose the workouts you love! Whether that’s yoga, Pilates, boxing, HIIT or boot camp, move in a way that makes you love and appreciate your body!

The JSHealth philosophy is all about balance, and a sustainable approach to health and happiness! Join the movement with constant support and guidance, along with more than 450 delicious nutritious recipes, constant access to nutritionists, body love meditations and so much more – get the App today!

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