A Day in the Life at Gwinganna

I recently spent 6 days at what I can only call HEAVEN on earth: Gwinganna Health and Lifestyle Retreat in the Gold Coast. Who knew Heaven wasn’t far from home in Sydney!

What is Gwinganna?

In a world of busy, Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat stands apart as the wellness destination to soothe your soul and inspire you to live a healthier life. A stay combines organic living, spa, movement and relaxation with delicious organic cuisine and vital wellness seminars, which I loved.

For 6 days and 5 restful nights, I soaked up peace and silence from the chaotic world. I was on a total technology detox. Never before have I been just with myself like this – no phone to distract me, no computer to keep me busy, no one who knew me. It was just me in a raw and totally pure state. Painful at times, but incredibly freeing. I ate organic wholefoods, I rested my body, I switched on my yin energy, I detoxed my gut and liver, I woke up with the sunrise each morning and practiced quigong, I walked in nature, I meditated, I ate mindfully and slowly and I met incredible health practitioners who have changed my life.

The daily routine at Gwinganna focused on slowing down both the mind and the body. Here is a snapshot of a typical day – which, really, is far from typical!

5:30am: Wake up and practice 30 minutes of Chigoong and deep breathing while soaking up the sunrise.

7:00am: Enjoy a yin or yang walk in nature.

8:00am: Have a shot of apple cider vinegar before enjoying an organic wholefood, gluten-free, sugar-free breakfast; usually a fresh fruit platter, activated nuts, porridge/muesli, eggs.

9:15am: Morning stretch class.


9:30am: Move my body in yoga, Pilates, dance or swimming. I chose Yin options because I was there to restore and heal my body, not push it.

11:00am: Morning tea – usually a bliss ball, smoothie or soup and a green juice.


11:00am-1:00pm: My health-nerd favorite – wellness lectures. Naturopaths, doctors, nutritionists and wellness experts spoke about a variety of health topics. I loved listening to these talks. While most of the nutrition info was familiar, it inspired me and reminded me about some of the most important aspects of health.

1:00pm: A wholesome, organic lunch; usually a variety of salads and lean protein.

2:00pm: The best part of the day – DREAM TIME. It’s time specifically designed to relax in the spa, sleep or read. I enjoyed the most divine and indulgent holistic massage therapies I could imagine. Some of the delicious options included a facial, a Hawaiian body massage, an integrative massage, and a head and shoulder massage with acupuncture.

6:30pm: Optional meditation, which was a beautiful way to extend mindfulness into the evening.

7:00pm: A light dinner. Delicious – usually lean protein with salad and vegetables.

8:30pm: Tea and time with a good book.

9:00pm: Sleep! Lights out to rest, repair and detox.

 Spa Deck evening

While it’s not realistic every day, this trip gave me so much to think about and implement. I think we can agree a day of rest couldn’t be much more amazing!

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