A Look Into The Life-Changing 8-week Program

Are you ready to feel more connected to your body? Are you ready to take control of your thoughts about yourself and food? Are you ready for a life of balance?

Your new healthy lifestyle starts here. By signing up to the JSHealth 8-week Program, you’re taking a huge leap in the right direction for your health, happiness and overall wellbeing. It shows you how simple and easy healthy living can really be.


The JSHealth program provides an in-depth look into the nutrition and lifestyle principles that I’ve developed over my years of clinical experience. Here are the main themes we’ll cover:

  1. Heal your body: Discover my top nutritional principles and tips to heal your body, holistically.
  2. Cook intuitively: I do believe you have to cook to live a healthy life, but it doesn’t need to be complicated. I keep my meals simple, and I eat foods that make me feel well. Discover how to cook quick, easy and nutritious meals that taste great.
  3. Commit to mind-body balance: The program covers my principles for attaining peace in mind and body. It includes plenty of suggestions for movement, rest and replenishment.
  4. Eat with balance: This means removing anxiety, fear and stress from your mealtimes. You’ll unlock the tools to heal your relationship with food and eat with joy.
  5. Love your body: Throughout the program, you’ll be given #loveyourbody exercises. Think of them as self-love tasks. They’re designed to help you to respect and value your body, and strengthen your relationship between your mind, body and food.
  6. Prep for success: I’ve always said that preparation is the key for success. The program shows you how to plan your meals, do a quick and easy shop and prepare food in bulk – all while enjoying the process!
  7. Exercise smarter, not harder: Focus on moving your body in ways that you love. Give up punishing fitness regimes to rebuild your relationship with your beautiful body and achieve results in the long-term.


The 8-week Program is packed with information, tips and resources. Each week, we address a key theme related to the healthy life where you’ll become empowered with the tools to transform your lifestyle – for good. Here’s a sneak peek of the main themes we’ll work through:

  • Prep week: The key to successful food prep
  • Week 1: The art of stressing less
  • Week 2Reset & respect your body – sleep & blood sugar control
  • Week 3: Finding balance – with food, your weight & your lifestyle
  • Week 4: Heal your gut & learn to be mindful
  • Week 5: Boost your energy & banish bingeing
  • Week 6: Cleanse your mind, body & life
  • Week 7: Hormones, healthy habits & rituals
  • Week 8: How to live the healthy life, for life

By the end of the program, you’ll feel reconnected to your body. You’ll be well on your way to finding freedom with food, having given up deprivation, bingeing and counting calories. You’ll be whipping up nutritious meals in no time and enjoying a more relaxed, peaceful state of mind.

Join the JSHealth community on Sunday 27 January as we prepare to commence the life-changing 8-week Program. We’re offering a massive 35 per cent off! Simply enter the code ‘2019’ at the checkout to get $52 off!

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