A quick thought, and message to the JSHealth community….

Social media is an amazing thing – it allows people to share moments, to document amazing experiences, and to connect to a greater community. However, sometimes body image and social media can be a tricky mix. I find people constantly comparing themselves – their bodies, their lives, their self worth – against the images posted by those they follow. Body image is worsened when we compare ourselves to others, whether your best friend, or favourite actress. Remember – there will ALWAYS be someone thinner, or richer, or smarter, or more successful. Either way, what matters is that you believe in YOU, and your self worth – always. No matter what anyone else has, or does, or achieves. Never focus on what those around you have, or in turn, what you don’t have. Instead – focus on your blessings, on what you DO have – and what you have the power to achieve. When it comes to weight loss – we need to release the negative self talk about our bodies, if we want to see results. Negative self talk is so stressful and the body will listen to it! Remember, the most important relationship in life is the one you have with yourself.

Always believe in YOU.

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  • bree

    This is so true 🙂 thanks for sharing ! a good reminder to myself !


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