A Sneak Peek Into A Day In My Life

Day In My Life

I wake up and think of a few things I am grateful for. I’m a big believer in not checking my phone / social media / emails until after I’ve completed my nourishing morning routine. This changes the tone and feeling of the day for me.

I then head to my kitchen, pop a probiotic and meditate for 20 minutes or simply do a deep belly breathing exercise. Usually during this time, I like to visualise my goals and dreams. This is an incredibly motivating practice, try it!

I make a piccolo coffee and then head off to yoga or for a walk. These days my exercise approach is kind and gentle. Some days I let my body rest – healthy too!

I make a JSHealth Breakfast. Lately, I have been making an almond butter protein smoothie – so yum. I always ensure my breakfast contains fibre, protein and good fats to keep my going all morning. I then pop my daily vitamins post breakfast.

My work day begins. I am either in the kitchen recipe testing, in the office responding to emails or in meetings. This is the time I log back onto social media. 

I feel much more creative during the morning so you will either find me writing my third book during this time or coming up with new app content. I try keep meetings or phone calls to after lunchtime when my creative content for the day is completed. 

I have a salad or nourish bowl for lunch. I use the ‘Build a Meal’ guide in the app. This helps me build a satiating meal to keep me going through the afternoon.

My life

This is when I am usually with my team brainstorming ideas for the JSHealth App, vitamins or recipes. 

I sit down with my husband Dean, the CEO of JSHealth, for our daily meeting. We like to discuss where we are at with our main projects – App, Program, vitamins. During this time I often take a break to enjoy a 4-5pm protein rich snack. This is usually something simple such as 2x protein balls, carrot sticks with hummus or Greek yoghurt with cinnamon! Find some of my favourite snacks here. 

At the end of my workday, I have a look at my to-do list and take note of what needs to be done the following day. I write to-do lists in the notes section of my phone and computer and this helps with organisation and provides a clear structure for the day ahead. This means I am 100% ready for the next day and mentally clear. 

I also post a JSHealth meal inspiration pic on Instagram at this time. Once this is complete, I switch absolutely everything off – phone, emails and delete Instagram. This has been a game-changer for me. As a result, I am less stressed, sleep soundly and wake up with the energy and motivation I need to keep building my brand.

I make my husband and I a nourishing dinner. My go-to dinners are one-pan recipes such as this delicious One-Pan Lemon & Herb Chicken.

All my dinners take around 20 minutes to make. I’m a big believer in creating quick and easy recipes. Find my dinner recipes here.

I love to refer to the JSHealth app for ideas and inspiration!

Netflix, chill, bath and deep belly breathing. 

You can find plenty more delicious, quick and easy dinner ideas in the JSHealth App. You can download the app on iTunes for less than $3 a week.

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