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A Sneak Peek Into My Book 3 Launch Party

08 October 2019
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Launch Party

Last Thursday night, the JSHealth team and I hosted a little party at our office to celebrate the launch of my 3rd book, ‘The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset’.

Every book is probably a much easier version of birthing a baby. You have to nourish and nurture it for 9-12 months. It’s a huge amount of work and effort. It also takes a village to make it happen. You would be amazed to see what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to putting a book together, I know I still am.

It also takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to put your work out there. Thank you so much to all of you for caring enough to support my journey and acknowledge my work.

The team and I created some delicious recipes from the third book and a divine JSHealth platter, you would love!

Here is a little sneak peek into the evening…

The food!

No party is complete without a huge spread and here at JSHealth we take our food very seriously. Cheese, dips, crackers, fruit, veggies and we made some recipes from the book so everyone could sample!

These sweet treats were a hit: Carrot Cake Slice and Choc-Fudge Granola Squares; two of the delicious recipes found in ‘The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset’.

We also made the best dip from the book which is the Carrot Hummus – a must make and one that I personally love to keep in my fridge. We served it up with Rosemary Linseed Crackers, also in the book – heaven!

Looking for more tips on how to build a party platter? Check out our quick guide here.

The Company 

It was a beautiful night and sharing the evening with loved ones, friends and some of the JSHealth girls filled me with joy and gratitude. The support of all those around me means the world to me, so thank you again.

This 3rd book is really the JSHealth handbook – it contains my signature principles that have been the most powerful in changing the lives of the JS community. It contains my go to signature recipes, realistic lifestyle advice and my top nutritional principles that I know will make a difference to people wanting to live a healthier life. This book was honestly written of the busy female who really does not have the time or energy – but wants to make the healthy life a priority. I get you. And of course, there is a huge focus on nourishing your relationship with food and your body – in true JS style. This cover really does reflect how I feel about the health industry now – KEEP IT SIMPLE.




My third book, ‘The 12-Step Mind-Body-Food Reset’ is now available for purchase here. 

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