Adrenal Exhaustion: The New Epidemic

Most women I meet these days are adrenally exhausted, I was one of them. Adrenal exhaustion will cause your body intense hormonal havoc and prevent you from living a life of vibrancy and energy! 

What are the adrenals?

Oh they are so so important- and most of us don’t actually know what they are.

The adrenals are involved in manufacturing numerous hormones; blood sugar regulation; the regulation of the body’s minerals; producing and maintaining the body’s energy levels in conjunction with the thyroid; and producing stress-monitoring hormones.

The adrenals, the body’s shock absorbers, are the core of the endocrine stress response system. Two of their most important hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, are responsible for the fight-or-flight response. Adrenaline deals primarily with short-term stress while cortisol is produced as a result of both acute and long-term stress.
Prolonged stress, whether as a result of emotional, environmental or physical causes, is disastrous for the adrenals. Initially, it results in chronically elevated cortisol levels, resulting in weight gain (especially around the midsection), blood sugar imbalances, thinning skin, muscle wasting, memory loss, high blood pressure, dizziness, hot flashes, night sweats, excessive facial hair, and other masculizing tendencies.

Overworked adrenals eventually crash, leading to adrenal exhaustion, where the body is unable to maintain adequate adrenal hormone production.
And then you can say hello to extreme fatigue (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), irritability, inability to concentrate, frustration, insomnia, addictions to either sweet or salty foods, allergies, nervousness, depression, anxiety, PMS, sensitivity to cold, diabetes and headaches.

You can fix this…

Guest post by Emilie Tonkin, Nutritional cleanse coach.

She is so intelligent! She has an abundance of valuable knowledge for you all..

Adrenal fatigue has become an epidemic in our society… Everyone is suffering, and once upon a time, I was too!!
Earlier in the year I experienced a complete ADRENAL BURNOUT! It accompanied my glorious corporate career burnout & dear Nelly, it wasn’t pretty!!
I had precariously been nursing my poor adrenal glands for 2-3 years, holding on for dear life, yet couldn’t quite make the changes I needed to until I it rock bottom! Sound familiar?? Not addressing the problem until it’s too late!!! Well, that used to be me, as I would push my body to absolute extremes to satisfy deadlines & irrational demands…
I was working 70-90 hour weeks in an incredibly toxic environment, and having functioned on adrenalin & producing high levels of cortisol for such a long time, this had a severe & domino-like impact on my hormones; my period stopped for over 6 months; I developed insulin resistance; I had awful acne, weight gain, constant colds, a sluggish metabolism; I couldn’t remember things; but worst of all I was absolutely drop dead exhausted and COULD NOT sleep!! I was suffering severe insomnia & hence my anxiety only became worst. It’s an absurd paradox when you are shattered, yet wired… A classic symptom of adrenal exhaustion!
Striking any chords? Even an undertone of fatigue, lethargy, or that lacklustre feeling when you wake up (or try to wake up!!) can indicate adrenal fatigue… Are you relying on coffee to boost your energy, yet crash swiftly leaving you to seek out some sugar for yet another fix?
Now, what are adrenal glands you may ask??
The adrenal glands are endocrine glands that sit at the top of your kidneys… They are responsible for releasing hormones in response to stress and help regulate stress, whether physical, emotional or psychological.
When one is under stress, and let’s face it we all experience it at times; our adrenals go into overdrive, putting out excessive cortisol to deal with the impact… At the same time, stress triggers an excessive production of adrenalin, which manifests as the ‘fight or flight response’… Anxiety & a panicky feeling is very symptomatic of adrenal fatigue…
Adrenals release hormones that regulate energy production and storage, immune function and inflammatory response, heart rate, muscle tone, and other processes that enable you to cope with stress. They are amazing!!!
When your adrenals burn out, you’re more susceptible to headaches, overall weakness, colds, allergies, and respiratory infections, weight gain, lower sex drive, reduced concentration, and difficulties in relationships at work or at home. Adrenal fatigue has also been linked to autoimmune disorders, diabetes, post traumatic stress disorder, alcoholism and drug abuse.
The best thing you can do is acknowledge your adrenal fatigue & then get onto healing the issue… That’s where I specialise, having been there & done that!!
It’s crucial at this point to slow down… Do not push your body at all as even going for a walk can push your adrenal glands too far when they are in this fragile state… Be gentle on yourself and rest… Check out Jessica’s amazing post on “Rest: The Importance of slowing down…” for tips!
When I was experiencing this relentless fatigue, I had tried every Chinese & Ayurvedic adaptogenic herb, adrenal complexes, naturopathic tonics, minimal detoxes, juice fasts, different therapies AND I’d even spent 8 weeks in India doing Panchakarma to try and process my stress; but it wasn’t until earlier this year when I made the discovery of a lifetime – nutritional cleansing!!!
For me, the concept was genius; yet so simple that it would slip into my daily routine! I was bedridden at this point as my poor ‘ol adrenals were burnt… I was insanely frustrated not being able to exercise or even function very well, and I had sticky kg’s that I just wanted to shift!! However as I commenced, albeit sceptically, I felt something magical happen instantly… The stunning organic trace minerals, & exquisite nutrients & botanicals started healing me internally… I was replenishing my body whilst very gently cleansing on a cellular level… The most stunning pillar for me in this system was of course the adaptogenic tonic, which I discovered is the most potent elixir on the planet!!
NOTHING had touched the sides beforeIonix® Supreme!!! Created by a Master Formulator, this nutrient-rich tonic contains plant-based adaptogens like schizandra, rhodiola, rhodendron, ashwagandha, macaroot and wolfberry, which help support your body’s resistance to the negative effects of stress. Ionix® Supreme provides antioxidants, which help to protect cells from free radicals and ionic trace minerals to support the body’s vital functions… They literally become spark plugs in your body, and you can feel them hit your cells!!
It is out of this world, and not only supported my adrenal glands to heal and for me to cope with stress on a daily basis, but it enabled me to regain deep, restorative sleep for the first time in years… I am now coaching scores’s of people who have suffered similar adversities and who are all experiencing stunning & profound results, just like me! Feeling so blessed right now!!!
It’s so fundamental to cleanse your body on a cellular level as our bodies simply can’t cope with the heavy metals, toxins, impurities & STRESS, which is the most toxic element of all!! Combined with clean & alkalising nutrition, yoga, meditation, breathing techniques, having FUN & water water water, you can heal your adrenal fatigue & bounce back like you’ve never felt before!! Feel your energy levels soar!!
Who would’ve thought that when I embarked on healing my adrenal exhaustion, that it would in fact lead to a complete career transformation and that I would be now practicing full time in nutritional cleansing & adrenal exhaustion!!
2012 is all about transformations!! Be open minded & be true to yourself xx

Thanks for having me Jess… You are an inspiration!

Emilie Tonkin
Nutritional cleanse coach
AKA adrenal burnout survivor 😉

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  • Anonymous

    Hi jess. Just wanted to say that im so glad i found your blog. You are so gorgeous and are my new healthy life role model. Im currently transitioning from vegetarian to vegan and attempting to lose 14kg of post pregnancy weight, while coping with anxiety, depression, low self esteem, etc etc. Any help would be extremely appreciated. Im trying to get my life on track and am kind of on my own with it. Im so grateful to have found your blog. Thanks. Amy

    • Thank you so much for your kind words Amy, I am happy that I have been able to help you on your health journey x



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