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Our Strength Trainer, Alexis, Shares Her Top 5 Fitness Tips

16 April 2020
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We’ve recently released a Strength section in the JSHealth App, led by our newest instructor, Alexis!
Alexis is a Pilates instructor, personal trainer and a dare devil at heart. When she isn’t teaching an intense workout coupled with some motivating beats, she is either out riding her motorcycle or jumping off cliffs. With a degree in neuroscience, she knows what kind of training is best for optimum brain performance and a focussed and happy mind. She will have you in the zone, mentally and physically, in no time at all!
Today, she’s sharing her top five fitness tips with us, to provide some extra motivation for your home workouts!
Alexis’ top tips are:
1. Shop around for your style of training.
You need to find a style of training, and a trainer, that you love! If you have a negative experience or don’t enjoy the workouts you’re doing, you are less likely to keep your training consistent. Find your thing!
The JSHealth App contains a range of different training styles for you to try – think Barre, Strength, Yoga, Tone, HIIT, Pilates and more! Try different movement styles until you find the one that’s right for you!
2. Always train with an epic playlist.
Music will always push me that 30% further every time, and gets me in the ZONE like nothing else can! Prep your playlist before your workout so you can stay focussed throughout.
The JSHealth App lets you play your own music in the background as you train – so prep some pumping tunes for extra motivation!
Put aside a few 10-minute blocks each week for recovery sessions, either using a band or a foam roller. The better your body recovers, the better your strength gains and results. You don’t have to spend ages on this, but stretching and foam rolling will do wonders for that post-workout soreness, and leave you ready to smash your next session!
4. Be consistent.
Try to sweat at least 3 times per week. Get that heart rate up, and get out of breath a few times weekly. This is incredibly good for not only your body, but also your mindset, and is proven to reduce anxiety, stress and depression overall.
5. Plan your weeks workouts in advance.
If you lock your workouts in (either alone, with a friend or with a trainer) you are more likely to stick to them, and it’s a great way of keeping yourself accountable. Add them to your diary like you would with a work meeting!
The JSHealth App also has a workout of the day if you need suggestions or a way to stay accountable!
Workout with Alexis and the other incredible JSHealth trainers from home, and sign up to the App today! You’ll find a bunch of fun, energising, sweaty workouts, designed to suit all fitness levels!

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