Announcing My Second Book, Living the Healthy Life, & ‘The Program by JSHealth’

To my darling community,


I am beyond excited to announce the release of my second book, ‘Living the Healthy Life’ on February 1st 2017. This will be followed by the release and first round of ‘The Program by JSHealth’ starting –  February 12th: my first interactive, 8-week online program.
Book 2 has my heart and soul in the pages. I have never been more real, raw and candid. Book 2 and ‘The Program’ are a step-by-step guide to LIVING the Healthy Life. I will hold your hand and gently guide you to a healthier life, for life.


It seems we are being inundated with health information which has left us confused and overwhelmed. I am here to gently show you how to reconnect with your body and to find practical ways to living a healthy life, which are easy and sustainable. I will teach you how to cook with absolute ease and very little effort.


The online program and the book both really focus on healing your relationship with food – it’s perfect for any fad dieters and for those of you who feel you have simply tried everything but are still not getting the results you are hoping for. It’s perfect for those who have had a disordered relationship with food (to any extent) and fear food in any way.


I share my struggles with food and my body and how I was able to overcome that. I want to help you to reconnect with your body in the most caring way. The book and program heavily focus on body image and how to find peace with your body and weight.
Finally, it’s a program that is ALL about balance. That will help you feel and look your best, for life. I know this will absolutely change your lives like it did mine; because this program and book are the tools I have used (along with many, many women in my clinic and JSHealth community) to rebuild my relationship with myself! I’m so excited and hope you are too! The first round of the online program will be available February 2017.




‘Dieting stops now.’

Clinical nutritionist and health blogger Jessica Sepel is fast becoming one of Australia’s most sought out wellness and lifestyle advocates.

Living the Healthy Life is her practical and holistic 8-week plan to healing your life, body, nutrition and your relationship with food. Expanding on her philosophy from The Healthy Life, Jess will teach you how to quit fad dieting forever, give yourself the freedom to stop the guilt surrounding food, and to overcome body stress and anxiety.

She explores the benefits of sleeping more, nourishing your cleansing functions and optimising your thyroid function. Jess shares more meal plans tailored to balance your hormones, increase energy levels and nutritional advice for vegans. Including helpful tips for eating out, snacks on-the-go, mindfulness and positivity, you’ll have everything you need to heal your life.

Packed with over 200 new recipes that prove healthy eating can be fun, simple and delicious. 


I am so excited to introduce my second book and ‘The Program by JSHealth’ to you, my community – who has made this all possible. I cannot wait to share in this journey with you. My book will be available in Australia, South Africa, UK & online from anywhere in the world!

Always, Jess x


p.s. To find out more, visit the Pan Macmillan site here.







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