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Guest Post: Anxiety and How to Manage It

29 August 2012
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My Story

Anxiety is everywhere and being a holistic health coach I am seeing it more and more with my clients. That’s exactly what has triggered me to write this article!
I want to share my experiences of anxiety with you, my reader.
It wasn’t too long ago when I myself was rushed to hospital with an anxiety attack. I was home in Ireland for Xmas and I had just resigned from my then corporate banking job to set up a new life in holistic health care and healing which had been a lifelong passion of mine. It was my first Xmas home in 6 1/2 years so I was excited to say the least. The last thing I imagined though was to land in hospital for 2 days while there!

It was a Wednesday lunch time (I had arrived home the prior Friday morning) when it all happened, my mum had come home from work to have some lunch with me. I had spent the morning meditating, practicing yoga and studying. I was having some lunch with my mum and felt very dreamy like; my mum had noticed my eyes get sleepy and tired but didn’t mention anything. She left to go back to work when I was at the sink doing the dishes, what happened then was the scariest event yet ever to happen in my whole entire life! I went into a dream for what must have been a very long time. I looked out the window and my mum’s car had vanished (she couldn’t have been that quick!), it felt like only moments but I had to have been in that state for a very long time. I felt very confused, I felt dizzy and felt like I was going to be sick. I wasn’t really sure what was happening but felt like I was possibly losing my mind and it all happened so quickly! I went to call my mum and noticed she left her mobile behind which left me in more of a panic! So I called my sister Grainne and she tried to calm me down, she said she would call mum and get her to come back and take me to the doctor!

I called my fiancée who was in Dublin with his family and he knew by my tone something wasn’t right…he thought I was having a seizure! I took myself to my bedroom and tried to calm myself down which wasn’t happening, my heart was beating so fast it felt like it was going to pop out of my chest, I was sweating, my tummy was sick and I was shaking. My mum arrived back and took me straight to the doctor; I was vomiting in the car and in the toilet at the clinic! I was so scared; I wasn’t sure what was happening to me! With heart problems in my family, I started thinking all kinds of awful thoughts and actually convinced myself I was having a heart attack. The doctor took a reading of my heart rate and it was really high. They didn’t want to take any chances and decided to rush me by ambulance to Cavan hospital. I felt so dreamy and was drifting in and out. Next time I woke up I was lying in a bed in hospital with my mum by my side waiting to see a doctor.  It was very late that night when I finally saw a doctor, they took lots of tests and with the results they felt it best to keep me in overnight and they wanted to check my lung the following morning to rule everything out.
That night I spent on a bed trolley in the hallway of emergency, I was then eventually taken into a room in the very early mornings! The tests the next morning ruled everything out and I was sent home that afternoon – they couldn’t explain what happened and put it down to jetlag. I was so scared; I thought for sure it was going to happen again.
So it wasn’t until I returned to Sydney that I finally understood what had happened. That was an anxiety attack I had in Ireland, an extremely bad one! I started to have quite regular panic attacks in Jan/Feb and they were so bad I had to have my fiancée by my side constantly. I was so afraid to be alone!

So why the sudden and severe anxiety?
On reflection, I had made a massive life change; I had swapped a life in corporate banking to a life in holistic health and healing. It was the unknown I was scared of, I was so scared I didn’t trust myself, I didn’t think I could do this and didn’t think I would be a success! I had so many doubts and with that caused me so much anxiety!

Overcoming The Anxiety

I happily can say that now I very much have my anxiety under control and here are some helpful tips that helped me get through this very dark and scary time of my life:

               I started each day with a fresh green juice.
               I ditched the caffeine (coffee).
               I meditated.
               I sang (yes this truly uplifted me when the darkness took over).
               I spent LOTS of time in nature. I am so lucky to live by the ocean; I took a walk every day.
               When I felt anxiety come up, I took myself to my kitchen window and looked out at nature. A bird, a tree, the ocean etc. It so helped and pulled me back out.
               I mixed my exercise up. I was doing too much of the one thing (Yoga) and added 1-2 swims in per week.
               I listened to uplifting music.
               I got on my mat and stretched.
               I ate fresh/local/organic nutritious food and increased my protein intake.
               I took time out to just be.
               I read.
               I got out and spent time with friends.
               I used affirmations daily and still do.
               I drank lavender tea before bed time.
               I had a daily gratitude practice.
               I journalled.
               I carried snacks in my bag (nuts) at all times in case there was a drop in my blood sugar which then brought on the anxiety.
               I started to trust the process of life because I sure hadn’t been doing so up until now. I started to believe that I could succeed at this.
               I stopped comparing myself to others; yes this was actually causing me anxiety!  I was looking at others in my field and thinking I should be there also! We all have our own unique journey to live, remember that!

About Corona Brady 

Corona is a Holistic Health and Nutrition Coach & Hatha Yoga Teacher based in Sydney.
Corona is deeply passionate about living a healthy clean lifestyle. She is certified from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition®. Based in New York City, Integrative Nutrition® is the largest nutrition school in the world. The school offers the world’s leading Health Coach Training Program™ and teaches over 100 dietary theories, practical lifestyle management techniques, and cutting-edge coaching methods.
She works with individuals to turnaround their lives by aiding them in discovering their perfect flourishing balance – Body, Mind & Soul. Through proper guidance, support, coaching, and inspiration you will begin a beautiful journey in discovering a balanced, energised, happier and healthier new you.
NurturePod is a coaching program created on the principles of nutrition, offering Yoga to support your body & Breath to bring your body, your mind & your spirit into the present moment.
Think of NurturePod as your replenishing cocoon. Like the tired caterpillar that returns to its cocoon for restoration and transformation to later spread its beautiful wings and soar off into the sunset.
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