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Aro Ha: An Adventure in Wellbeing

06 April 2015
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The best way to describe my recent health retreat at Aro Ha? An escape into a healthy dreamland.

I have never ever felt so far removed from the real world – and that’s a good thing! At Aro Ha Wellness Retreat in New Zealand, you really are in the middle of nowhere. The serenity of the lake and mountains before you is so comforting and calming. They give an incredible sense of shelter and security. It’s truly like a postcard – I’ve been fortunate to do a lot of traveling all over the world and I’ve never experienced scenery like this.

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I experienced a very real transformation during my week at Aro Ha – both physically and emotionally.

For example, I had no idea I would be hiking up mountains for 4-5 hours daily. In fact I really didn’t think I could do it. I had to break down so many emotional barriers to prove to myself I could and I was surprised how well my body coped. It’s all in the mind – a running theme during my weeks’ stay! The power of the mind – once you make this connection – your world shifts. It’s not easy to make the shift, I know. Hiking actually became meditative for me – constantly focusing on breath.

It’s amazing for me to see how my body responds when I cut myself off from the real world (especially from my work and email demands) and travel to these amazing retreats. The best way to describe what happens is a total body FLOP – I literally flop. My body starts to feel tired the first few days – I just feel like sleeping. In my normal life at home I have an abundance of energy but perhaps a lot of it is pure adrenaline and living in a rushed world – no time to stop. My body tightens. I now feel completely loose, relaxed, invigorated and full of true energy. I’m ready for the world!


A typical day at Aro Ha:

6:00am – Wake up

6:30am – Vinyasa flow yoga

7:30am – Delicious gourmet breakfast – healthy, balanced portions

9:00am – Hike time! 4 hours of hiking. The scenery is the most beautiful I have ever seen. It’s worth doing the retreat just to see the beauty on the hikes.

1:30pm – Lunch. A delicious gourmet raw vegan lunch. It’s a true work of art created by Roni and his team – such talent.

3:00pm – Optional body resistant workout with Adam – he is amazing!

4:00pm – Massage. Some of the best massage I have ever experienced

5:00pm – Cooking class

6:00pm – Yin yoga. So deliciously relaxing and restorative. I find myself falling asleep at the end – rare for me. This means my body really was relaxed!

7:30pm – A light raw vegan dinner

8:30pm – Write to Ignite. We wrote about our emotions and feelings from the day. There was also the option to watch a film.

9:00pm – Bed time!

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The food

Incredible. Gourmet! Raw and vegan. I have never been vegan for a full week! Find out how I managed with this in my next blog post.

The food is truly an artwork each and every time.

Warning: tiny, tiny portions. They do this on purpose. You can ask for more, but many people are there as part of a weight loss journey.

A sneak peak at some of the amazing meals I enjoyed:

FullSizeRender (26)Raw seaweed pasta with a cashew sauce and zucchini chips – amazing!
FullSizeRender (27)Raw spring rolls with an almond butter dipping sauce! Divine!

FullSizeRender (25)

 Vanilla chia pudding with chia spices, pear puree and topped with crunchy cacao granola!

What I loved most:

  • The amazing people I met
  • The delicious food
  • The rejuvenating yoga
  • The scenery on the hikes
  • The incredible massage
  • The ability to connect with nature and stillness
  • How fit I feel now

What I found most challenging:

  • The length and steepness of the hikes – but such a good challenge!
  • The small portions of food – you soon learn what your body really needs
  • Being alone at night – I get a little afraid of the dark!


My body’s response:

  • My head is clear and light
  • I am cleansed – my liver loves me for sure!
  • I feel physically stronger
  • I feel energized and ready for my life here at home 

What I took home from the experience


Stillness. It’s okay to just be. Simply being gives you more energy.

The power of nature. It really calms and heals me. I want to commit to being in nature every day for the incredible effect it has.

Doing things with love and care. I want to take my time with things I love, especially cooking.

Mindful eating. As I’ve said before, it will change your relationship with food. I was reminded of that during the week.

Leaning into life. Ease up! Stop trying to dive into it all.

Alone time. It was challenging for me to spend time alone, but it ended up being such a healthy experience.

Rushing is unhealthy. It is truly the main issue I’m dealing with on a day to day basis and definitely puts strain on my health.

Laugh more. Simple, right? But it’s much easier to do that when other things are in balance. Always a good challenge to find more reasons to laugh.

Find joy. The experience reminded me to bring more JOY to my life, too.

Mind your breath. Shallow breathing must turn into deep breathing for a healthy body.

Disconnect. Switching off from my email regularly is a must. I actually felt myself breathing better from this.

Slow down! Doing things slowly makes every experience richer and more focused.

Have a mantra. My mantra this week was ‘ I love and approve of myself.’ I usually pick an affirmation for each retreat and I found there to be a huge sense of peace with my body. I felt so incredibly thankful toward my body for how hard it was working or me (yes, I survived a 4 hour hike!)

So that is my challenge for you, whether you go on retreat or not. Choose a weekly mantra for yourself – you’ll get the benefit of it regardless of how you spend your week. No matter what you’re doing, take those few moments to repeat positive thoughts. You’ll feel the difference in a week, too!

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