Real Talk: Behind The Scenes Of Creating JSHealth

When I finished school, I thought that owning a business was extremely sexy, glam and fun. It looked and sounded like the dream, but after five years of building the JSHealth brand, I can tell you it’s the opposite of glamorous. Now that I have the experience, I feel a responsibility to communicate what really goes on behind the scenes.


The day-to-day running of JSHealth

What people don’t see is that I’m usually in my office from 8am until around 8pm or 9pm. Even when I’m not there, I’m thinking about it 24/7. I wake up in the middle of the night and write down ideas in my notepad. I have a serious schedule and a calendar that is run by two managers. I’m delegating to a team of people, which isn’t easy for me. I’ve realised I’m not good at being a boss, but I’m learning and improving as I go. At times, I’m too nice and I’m not good at telling people what to do.

But aside from all of this, what’s most important is for me to stay connected to what matters: the community. I’m the one connecting and responding on social media and on emails. I do it because the community is such a huge part of my life and each and every one of the messages I receive bring me so much joy.


Creating a brand

I’ve had to sacrifice a lot in order to grow JSHealth into what it is today. I’ve had to sacrifice my social life and seeing my family and friends as much as I would like. I’ve had to sacrifice having children as young as I had imagined. Yep, there’s some serious real talk going on. I’ve had to sacrifice a sense of privacy because so much of my life is out there for everyone to see.

At times, I feel exposed, vulnerable and open to judgement. It’s become increasingly hard to switch my mind off because my work goes everywhere I go. I truly live and breathe what I do. Running your own business is damn hard, non-stop work. I hear that it takes 10 years to build your business into what you want it to be, so I guess I’m only halfway there.


Executing the vision 

JSHealth currently has two printed books, an 8-week Online Program – which has tens of thousands of people on it to manage – ebooks, brand partnerships, ambassadorships, vitamins (online and in stores) and a new coaching program. Oh, and not to mention the JSHealth app which will be launched in two months. Each of these aspects requires a huge amount of care and effort, but I’m excited to say the projects end there. All I’ve ever wanted from JSHealth is a program, an app, and a vitamin range. While I’ve had moments of wanting to pull back when the stress gets too much, I’ve come to accept that this is my calling. I won’t stop until I feel I’ve created the vision I’ve always dreamed of.


The lessons I’ve learnt along the way

JSHealth has been my biggest blessing. It’s taught me the power of vulnerability. It’s taught me to be kinder, but stronger. It’s taught me to dream big and doubt myself less. It’s opened my heart, challenged deepest fears and softened my inner critic. It has helped me forgive others, including myself.

It’s shown me the fire of the female power and the brilliance that is created when we support each other. It’s shown me how far hard work can take you. It’s taught me to connect to what matters, which is the people, not the numbers.


Chasing your dreams

If you have a dream and the passion to start your own business, do it. I was never particularly talented in any area, except creating healthy recipes. I’ve had no business training, but I’m passionate, strong and I’m willing to work hard. Of course, I haven’t done it alone. I have a lot of support from my family and my husband. They keep me grounded and remind me to focus on what matters.

So, if you want to be a business owner one day or start your own brand, go for it. It’s so fulfilling, challenging and non-stop inspiring. Be ready and willing to put in the long, hard hours. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. Judgement, failure and doubt are all part of the journey, but I can guarantee that in the end, it’s all worth it.


I’m here supporting you all of you with your dreams.


Jess xx


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