Our biggest EVER program sale!

When I was creating the 8-week Program, I could never have imagined the life-changing transformations that people would experience. As a nutritionist, this makes me so happy. It truly is my life’s mission to help people live happier, healthier and more balanced lives.

While we’ve seen thousands of transformations, I know that there are so many more people who want to get started. If you’ve been looking for a boost of inspiration or the sign to transform your life, this is it. From the 17th to the 20th of June, we’re offering $45 off our program – that’s a massive 30 per cent off. Simply enter the code ‘HEALTH’ at the checkout.


What to expect from the 8-week Program:

  • Learn why you should give up dieting: If you know my work, you know that I believe diets destroy your relationship with food and your body. The program addresses why diets don’t work in the long-term and shows you a healthier way of living.
  • Release feelings of guilt and anxiety at mealtimes: The program teaches you the skills required to give up dieting, to let go of the guilt and anxiety around mealtimes, and find a peaceful relationship with your body.
  • Find balance with food: My philosophy is based around intuitive eating and focusing on wholefoods. We address how to build a balanced meal and consume the important macronutrients your body needs to function optimally.
  • Discover a gentle way of living: Here at JSHealth ‘balance’ and ‘kindness’ are our key works. Our approach to health is based on being gentle to our bodies – and it seriously gets results.
  • Find balance with your weight: Learn how to heal a complex relationship with food and make peace with your body. It’s amazing what happens once you release the stress of dieting and calorie counting, and embrace eating nourishing wholefoods. Over the course of the eight weeks, your body naturally shifts to reach a balanced, healthy weight.
  • Cleanse your liver: In week 6, you’ll find my signature cleanse (with food!), which I commit to at the beginning of every season and when I need to reset my body. You’ll learn about the importance of your body’s cleansing functions and you’ll discover how light and energetic this can make you feel.
  • Access an incredible meal plan: Our meal plan contains recipes to improve skin health, boost liver cleansing, aid gut health and find weight balance.
  • Heal your energy: The food principles in the 8-week program show you how to prioritise rest and relaxation, which boost your energy. We also show you how to eat for more energy.
  • Cook simply and with ease: Learn to prepare my simple weekly meals.


Testimonials from the 8-week Program:

“I feel so much better within myself. I’m happier about how I look in clothes and am excited to cook dinner and lunch every day. Thank you, Jess!”

“I’ve always failed when following diets but this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle and that’s why I’ve stuck to it! I’ve gone from 117kg to 100kg! 4-5 workouts per week and following your 8-week Program has achieved this!”

“I just finished week 8 of the Program and I dropped 3kg! I’m in disbelief. I’ve never felt more relaxed about food or exercise. I just wanted to say thank you, Jess!”

“My mood swings stopped, my anxiety reduced, I felt like myself again and my relationships were no longer strained from everyday rituals around eating and anxiety.”

“I’ve just finished the 8 weeks and to anyone who’s hesitating about being a part of the Program … DON’T! This Program has changed my life, my wellbeing and has stopped the bad weight gain spiral!”


Use the code ‘HEALTH’ at the checkout for $45 off the program. You can even pay weekly for only $13 a week! Discover how to give up fad dieting and commit to a healthy, sustainable way of eating and living – now and forever. theprogram.jessicasepel.com

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