You can reset your mind, body & life – with no diet required.

We are offering $45 off the JSHealth Program for three days only to give you every opportunity to start the new year right. You can even pay weekly – only $13.00 per week!


Use the code: 2018 for $45 OFF here!


Juice cleanses, water fasts and diets are really tempting at this time of year. I was someone who latched onto fad diets at the start of every new year. Just thinking of going on one made me feel better about myself.

If you know my work, you know that I believe diets destroy your relationship with food and your body.

They don’t work long term.  So what does work?

The JSHealth Program is a lifestyle that will help you find balance with food and your body – for life.

My philosophy is kind, gentle and balanced – but, it seriously gets results. It truly does.

I want to give EVERYONE a chance to experience these life-changing results  – to feel confident, healthy, energetic and light in your own body again.

The JSHealth Program is the perfect way to start the year & discover your best self again.

This is your year.


Why should you join me?

For only $1.80 a day, my 8-week Program will help you to:

  • Heal your relationship with food
  • Achieve hormonal balance
  • Cleanse your gut and liver
  • Teach you how to cook with ease
  • Reach your balanced weight


I’m so excited to offer you this once-in-a-lifetime sale of the JSHealth Program and it starts NOW!

You can even pay weekly – $13.00 per week!

3 DAYS ONLY – sign up here!


How the Program changes lives…

“I feel so much better within myself. I’m happier about how I look in clothes and am excited to cook dinner and lunch every day. Thank you Jess!”

“I’ve always failed when following diets but this isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle and that’s why I’ve stuck to it! I’ve gone from 117kg to 100kg! 4-5 workouts per week and following your 8-week Program has achieved this!”

“I just finished week 8 of the Program and I dropped 3kg! I’m in disbelief. I’ve never felt more relaxed about food or exercise. I just wanted to say… thank you Jess!”

“My mood swings stopped, my anxiety reduced, I felt like myself again and my relationships were no longer strained from everyday rituals around eating and anxiety”

“I’ve just finished the 8 weeks and to anyone who’s hesitating about being a part of the Program… DON’T! This Program has changed my life, my wellbeing and has stopped the bad weight gain spiral!”



This Program is the first Program to address the importance of having a healthy relationship with food and your body. It’s your chance to give up dieting, to let go of the guilt and anxiety around mealtimes and finally find a peaceful relationship with you and your body.

The Program also contains my signature cleanse in Week 6 which is amazing to try before the holiday season – to feel your best before Summer time AND an incredible meal plan containing recipes to help you experience glowing skin, more energy, a clear liver, improved gut health and finally… weight balance.

Use the code 2018 when signing up at https://theprogram.jessicasepel.com.


I can’t wait for you to experience the healthy life – with me!


J x

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