This Build-A-Meal Guide Shows You How To Create A Healthy Dish

Do you travel often and just wish you had the tools to help you make nutritious meal choices? Do you often struggle to make healthy choices throughout the day, especially when work or social events pop up? Do you wish you could have a nutritionist’s advice with the click of a button?

Using our unique Build-A-Meal Guide in the JSHealth App, you’ll be able to create a nutritious, balanced dish anywhere you are. The guide teaches you the essentials of building a healthy meal from scratch, ensuring you have all the right macronutrients to support your body. This guide will help you build a meal that supports sustained energy, weight balance and fights off sugar cravings. You’ll have access to a nutritionist-designed guide to use when you are out at a café, airport or travelling.

Imagine having a nutritionist in your pocket wherever you go.

This is a game changer and has personally helped me make healthy choices no matter where I am.

I hope you love it.




The app is available on a free 7-day trial and can be downloaded from iTunes for less than $3 a week.

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