Is Caffeine The Secret Cause Of Your Weight Gain & Sugar Cravings?

When I was practicing as a clinical nutritionist, I noticed a pattern when it came to caffeine. People came to see me and felt they were doing all of the right things – eating well, exercising, sleeping their 8 hours – and yet, they were still finding it difficult to balance or control their weight AND they were experiencing intense sugar cravings, especially around 5pm and then again after dinner. They would say to be “I’m doing all the right things Jess, but my sugar cravings are non-stop and I can’t seem to lose the weight!”. I started noticing a pattern…


These clients were consuming more than 1 cup of caffeine daily – usually 2, 3, 4 cups (and enjoying caffeine after lunch/in the afternoon specifically).


Having been a fad dieter myself – black coffee with sweetener was my best friend. It is the perfect ‘skinny’ food. You feel you can have unlimited amount. However, people are not realising the impact caffeine can have on the body in excess amounts.


So, when I would see these symptoms of sugar cravings and an inability to lose weight, my number question became “How many coffees are you having a day?”


Caffeine can cause weight gain or make it very difficult to lose weight. This is because caffeine can have a direct impact on your stress levels (cortisol) and blood sugar balance, which in turn affects weight balance. Cortisol makes it very difficult to lose weight.


Also, some people are having coffee the wrong way – with too much milk (a large double latte!) and too many added sugars or artificial sweeteners. If you are struggling to lose weight and are having more than 1 cup of coffee a day, this MAY be the culprit!


Caffeine can also affect sleep as it can stay in the bloodstream for up to 8 hours. So, if you are struggling to fall asleep or waking up between 2-4am (broken sleep) this may also be causing you to wake up tired which in turns effects your ability to make healthy choices. We also know that less sleep will make it harder to balance our weight.


The solution?


My rule is to as always is to stick to 1x coffee a day, and to enjoy it with food before 10AM. This has been a long time JSHealth rule that people are thriving off.


Healthy living is not about deprivation – I am not asking you to give up coffee. I am just asking you to tweak and moderate your consumption for a healthier life.


Enjoy that 1 cup a day. I sip my coffee slowly and enjoy each sip! I drink it so mindfully which makes me feel so satisfied.


When you start to balanced your blood sugar levels and adrenal gland function (which I teach you how to do in my latest 8 week online program) you will see that you start to crave less caffeine.


In Week 7 of my online program specifically I discuss the various factors that influence weight. You can find it here!



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