I Care Way Too Much About What People Think. 2018 – I Am Fighting This!


Do you constantly seek approval from the outside? I get you.

This is my year of caring less of what others think.

It’s toxic and exhausting.

The break over the new year made me realise that I care way too much about what other people think. I’ve always been like this. I’ve always been so afraid of judgement. I remember feeling like this when I was a little girl in preschool – wanting to be liked by all my friends in the playground.

My 2018 goal is to fight this desire to be perfect, and to start feeling more free to show who I really am.

I am sure so many of you guys struggle with this too.

It’s the world we live in – constantly comparing ourselves to others and feeling judged from every angle. We are exposed more than ever through social media.

But it’s OK if not everyone likes who we are and what we do. I’m starting to feel OK with this as the years go by.

Since the start of JSHealth, the thing that has worked for me the most is when I show my true authentic self to my community, you guys. Who I am is real and relatable.

I’m so far from perfect and the people closest to me will tell you, I actually love being uncomfortably vulnerable. I love to speak my truth even when it’s not so pretty. Social media can make a person seem perfect and unattainable. That’s not what I want to show.

That’s not what JSHealth is about. I hope together we can feel free to be our true authentic selves this year and let go of judgement towards ourselves and others! We have to find approval from within.

Here for you, you are not alone.


J x



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