Day on a Plate: Rachael Finch

We were so lucky to have the divine Rachael Finch as our question queen at last week’s book launch in Watson’s Bay. Not only is she an Australian media personality, dancer, model, and now certified health coach… She has just released a new online dance workout program – B.O.D Body of Dance! We are so thrilled to feature her on the blog today! Take it away Rachael…



  1. Tell us a little bit about yourself – who you are and what you do.


First and foremost I am Mumma to my girl Violet and soon to be baby number 2! Can’t wait! For the past 15 years I have worked as a model and now in the media, across television and radio for various sport and lifestyle programs. I work as an ambassador for Myer and love that no 2 days are the same for me! I love getting out of bed feeling awesome and knowing what is going to make me stronger, happier and more confident than the day before. I started playing sport from the age of 3 and you could say I’ve used my body my entire life as my ‘job’. I just released my book ‘Happy Healthy Strong’ and launched my health & wellness program ‘Body Of Dance’ which takes you through dance cardio sessions, toning and strength circuits, stretching and meditation. You also get meals and snacks each day and mindfulness activities.


Friday feeling ☀️☀️

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  1. What was the ‘uh ha’ moment that inspired you to get in to health and wellbeing?


I remember leaving home at 17 to travel to my first overseas destination for modeling. I woke up in an unfamiliar apartment in an unfamiliar country and immediately thought, “I have to start taking care of myself now”. There have been many moments along the way in my career where I have stopped to reassess or redefine my way of thinking about health and how I treat my body. I remember getting quite strict with my diet and exercise at one point, that I lost my menstrual cycle for many months. This was a big turning point and helped me to understand how to love my body and mind more.



  1. Talk us through a typical day in your life…


Every day is different for me, so a ‘typical’ day does not exist. I love it this way. Upon waking I have a spoonful of apple cider vinegar followed by a warm glass of water with lemon. We then try to get outside in the fresh air straight away with our dog Simba and Violet to let Simba have a run in the park.


I change up my breakfast every day to keep my meals exciting and let my body get a mix of vitamins and nutrients. Some can include, eggs on rye toast with avo, bircher museli, an omwlette or even a smoothie packed with the lot! I drink an almond latte with honey or just an almond piccolo.



I try not to snack too much unless I feel really hungry and my body needs it. I like whole pieces of fruit, nuts, protein balls or rice cakes with avo.



Dinner usually consists of an organic, lean piece of protein like fish chicken or lamb with steamed greens and mashed sweet potato.


I like to move my body every day in some way whether that be a walk with our dog, one of my circuits that are all free-body weighted, or a dance session. While I’m pregnant the intensity of my exercise isn’t as high but I still like to move my body in some way. Stretching is also a huge part of my week, even 10 minutes before bed makes a huge difference and helps me sleep better.


6 exercises for 3 rounds, followed by my stretch sesh. ? New @newbalanceaustralia gear #nbwomenau #vazee #whywesweat

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  1. Coffee or tea?


Coffee in the morning, tea at night.


  1. What is your indulgence of choice?


Dark chocolate, any way.



  1. Three foods you can’t live without?


Avocado, mangoes and dark chocolate.



  1. What’s your go-to snack for those days on the run?


Brown rice cakes topped with anything – nut butter and banana, avo and tomato or tahini and raspberries.



  1. … And any last words of advice or tips for those starting out on their health journey?


Always trust your own body and take time to listen to it. It’s the most intelligent thing you will ever know and it has the potential to love you more than anyone ever will.


More of this. Less of the crap. @bodbyrachaelfinch #registerformarch ?

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To see more of the divine Rachael Finch, visit her website or follow her on Instagram!

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