Day On A Plate: Katie Williams

As a former professional athlete and a six-time gold medallist for Australia, it’s fair to say that Katie Williams knows a thing or two about staying fit and healthy. The 24-year-old holds a bachelor of sport and exercise, and is passionate about helping women lead healthier lives. Here, she shares her tips on staying fit, her approach to nutrition and why she advocates moderate indulgence.


Tell us a little bit about yourself …

I’m an ex-sprinter, previously in the Australian surf life-saving team. I have a bachelor of sport and exercise and have a passion for self-development. I have my own podcast coming out called Better For It, which is under the umbrella of health and wellness. I’m the co-founder of Real Talk, which is workshops for women, particularly millennials.



I love fitness and have always stayed fit, I enjoy moving my body and pushing myself to try new things. I am where I am today because of my sporting career. Without training full-time, I would have never have learnt the discipline that carries in my everyday life.

My whole life I’ve been an athlete, I grew up doing a mix of sports and then I fell in love with sprinting. At age 15 I decided to train for the Australian team, and three years later I made it! At age 19, I was the fastest woman in the world for beach sprinting. Last year, I retired after six Australian gold medals and now I enjoy living a more balanced life while still training and loving feeling healthy. Health and wellness was definitely something I’ve always had a passion for since I was a little girl and now it’s my job.



What inspired your passion for health and wellness?

Healthy feels good and I love how I feel when I’m moving consistently and nourishing my body. I’m a firm believer in balance and I love to socialise. Green smoothies in the morning and some rosê in the evening is how I roll. I’ve always been an athlete, I used to run for my state and my country. I’ve sprinted my whole life and been active since I was four years old. Transiting from sprinting full-time to working for myself means that I have more time to do my own training, I enjoy doing HIIT training, kickboxing and outdoor running.


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What the hell is Intermittent Fasting? 🍌 – I.F is not a diet, it's a pattern of eating. It's a way of scheduling your meals so that you get the most out of them. I.F doesn’t change what you eat, it changes when you eat. And it has some crazy health benefits! —————————————————— Studies have shown that IF burns stubborn fat 🔥 (especially around the belly) whilst maintaining muscle mass 💪🏻. I.F balances our levels of insulin, our sugar-storing hormone, and glucagon, our fat-burning hormone. IF also helps kickstart your metabolism, encourage detoxification, increases mental clarity and energy. —————————————————— I use the 16:8 method, About 2-3 days a week. This includes a 16 hour fasting window and an 8 hour eating window (Basically this means an early dinner and a late breakfast). Our bodies will usually kick into a fasted state after approx – 12hrs. This is when our fat stores become the body’s primary source of energy. —————————————————— Fasting for me is not a long term solution, I use it from time to time when it feels right for me. Who else does IF?

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What’s your food philosophy?

Everyone is always looking for ‘the answer’. I believe it’s pretty simple: eat real food. I like an 80/20 lifestyle (80 per cent healthy, 20 per cent chilled, sometimes it’s 70/30). Everyone’s bodies are different, find out what makes you thrive.


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I quit drinking for 8 weeks…….. & here’s what happened. ————————————— ✔️Positives; Physically felt stronger, training became easier, motivation levels were high, Monday’s felt AMAZING, no more brain fog, mental clarity and focus improved, I saved money. I leaned out, and found myself loving exercise. ❌Negatives; FOMO is very real! Watching snapchats and IG stories on a Saturday night is not a fun time, HELLO SUGAR CRAVINGS – Sugar boosts levels of the "reward" chemical called dopamine, which fuels feelings of pleasure, Alcohol does the same thing. So it's very possible that when you give up one substance that causes happy-making chemicals you'll be more likely to reach for the other. The biggest negative I found with quitting alcohol (temporarily) was the social disconnect that comes with It. There’s something about alcohol that brings people together, whether it be that Australia is socially accepting of it or that peer pressure effects us more than we realise. ……………………………………………. There’s a time and a place for sober weekends just like Girls nights and bottlemless champagne! 👉🏻 Healthy is different for everyone and I believe that a little rosè is good for the soul 🙌🏻

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Walk us through a typical day in your life …

Every morning, I write in my gratitude journal or do five to 10 minute of meditation. Then, I plan my day with meetings, training and socialising. I also drink warm water with apple cider vinegar, and have a long black. Most mornings I’ll do kickboxing or yoga.

10am: I’ll make protein oats. I soak a cup of oats with plant milk, one scoop of whey protein powder or vegan rice protein, topped with maple or raw honey, peanut butter, almonds and crunchy granola. Or, I’ll make a smoothie bowl with protein powder, peanut butter, frozen berries, banana, coconut milk and ice and top with oats and almonds.

12pm: It’s around this time that I have a snack, which is usually a banana or an apple.


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Some of my favourite TRUTHS….. 👉🏻How you respond to a situation is more important than the situation itself. Playing your cards right is the best way to move forward in life. 👉🏻Positive people find positive people. If you want good people around you, then you must be good, too. Your vibe attracts your vibe. 👉🏻Life will give and take, always. When life takes away something important from you, remember that it also gives you new things to appreciate and love. Life is in a constant state of flux. 👉🏻Stress comes from within. No matter how tough or difficult a situation may be, the way you respond to it comes from within. Stop yourself from stressing out over everything. – Anyone else agree? 📷 @stylerunner

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1.30pm: For lunch, I’ll have four rice cakes with turkey, hummus, tomato and cucumber. After lunch, I’ll meet up with my business partner and plan the next workshop content, sponsors and create content for our @WeAreRealTalk page. Reply to our RT girls and RT emails. After, I’ll listen to raw podcasts to be edited, maybe re-record some bits of I need to. I also create content strategy for my next podcast.

4pm: I’ll have a protein bar or a protein shake. I’ll also look at my emails or go for a light walk.



7.30-8.30 pm: For dinner, I’ll have BBQ chicken salad with sweet potato, red kidney beans, goat’s cheese, avocado, carrot, cucumber and baby tomatoes. After, I’ll have some dark chocolate, a raw treat or peanut butter-stuffed dates for dessert.

10pm: I’ll watch a Netflix or documentary or an educational YouTube video and then go to bed.


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Running the City2surf?⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Here’s 10 tips to prep you for it, one week out from the day⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ 1. TAPER. Cut back your training to refreshen up yo legs and reserve energy. ⁣⁣ 2. Get a massage or foam roll your body⁣ 3. Swap out your normal run for a cheeky stretch or yoga ⁣⁣ 4. Hydrate 👊🏻⁣⁣ 5. Fuel up, on good quality food ⁣⁣ 6. Hit up a little magnesium⁣ before bed 7. Test your pre race meal – to make sure you can stomach it whilst running⁣⁣ 8. Test our your race outfit – make sure your shoes are well broken in, blisters can ruin your race⁣⁣ 9. Epsom salt baths, with or without your partner 😉 ⁣⁣ 10. Chill – you’re running for yourself, be proud that you’ve made it this far and enjoy the week of rest & recovery ⁣⁣ ⁣ @stylerunner x @asicsaustralia #RunSqaud #StylerunnerXAsics

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Coffee or tea?


What is your indulgence of choice?

Espresso martini and dark chocolate

What are three foods you can’t live without?

Coconut, avocado and berries.


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Day 7 💥 of #5Keveryday ! Thank you everyone for jumping on board, together we completed 35km. Proud to say we had runners from every state jump in with us, and people from all different ages and fitness levels. – Hungover / running or walking, nonetheless committing to yourself everyday is impressive especially during the holiday season. 5k everyday was an initiative I created to encourage people to stay moving or get moving during the holidays when the majority of people quit exercise. Using social media to connect with others and celebrate their progress – I’m proud to say this week was a huge success. – Thank you for joining me, and congratulations for holding yourself accountable and myself for that matter! – Merry Christmas – Bring on the Turk & Egg Nog! – Now it’s time to really let loose 👅🍸👅 #Balance

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What’s your go-to snack when you’re on the run?

Dry roasted almonds, corn thins with avocado, tomato and pink salt, a clean protein bar or homemade peanut butter energy ball. 

What advice would you give to someone who is starting out on their health journey?

Stop overthinking it. Eat moderately well. Work out a few times a week. Get enough sleep. Repeat!

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  • Jac

    Rice cakes are not a health food!

    • Hi Jac, I understand that they aren’t the healthiest food, but compared to a lot of products out there they aren’t the worst. Katie has kindly detailed to us what she typically eats in a day, this is a true representation of how real health looks different on everyone. Rice cakes work for her body and she enjoys them, you don’t have to eat 100% clean all the time to be healthy! Have a beautiful day. JSHealth Team 🙂

      • Jac

        Im not having a go at Kate. I just cant stand when I see health blogs promoting rice cakes as a health food as I see it all the time and people are so misinformed and blindly follow.
        They are heavily processed and can have a glycemic index rating as high as 91 (pure glucose has a rating of 100), making it the kind of carbohydrate that will send your blood sugar on a roller coaster ride. This is bad for weight loss and for your health.

        • Hi Jac,
          We aren’t promoting rice cakes, neither is Katie, she is just letting us know what she eats. If she only told us the extremely healthy things, then we would have received an unrealistic example which can incidentally set an unachievable standard. We prefer real, honest food diaries and for Katie, rice cakes work for her body, of course for others they will not. Just like for some people a loaf of Sourdough bread will be perfectly fine, and for others damaging. We do not suggest adopting anyone else’s diet to find health, instead we promote listening to your body and eating nourishing foods that work for you! As i said, you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy 🙂

          Thanks for your thoughts. We agree that they will not suit everyones needs.
          JSHealth Team 🙂



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