Design Your Own Salad, Sumo-Style!

Some of the very best meals are also the simplest. You don’t have to sacrifice quality OR taste in order to prepare a quick, healthy lunch. That’s why I love the convenience of a beautifully crafted salad bowl when I’m on the go. SumoSalad offers a variety of options that allow you to build your own fresh, healthy dish. This JSHealth-crafted salad can easily be recreated with Sumo Salad’s delish Design Your Own Salad options.

Want to know how to make it?

  1. Add a chicken breast to a shallow bowl of pesto and allow to marinate.
  2. Wash the kale and slice it into small pieces before adding it to a large bowl.
  3. Massage the kale with a touch of olive oil, rock salt and pepper to soften and release some of the starchiness.
  4. Heat a pan with about 1 Tbsp. of coconut oil, then add slivered almonds. Toast until golden brown, then add to the bowl of kale.
  5. Drizzle salad with a dressing of mustard seed, olive oil and lemon juice.
  6. Add chicken breast, sliced avocado, walnuts and enjoy!

This delicious blend also has some impressive health benefits! Take a look:

Mixed greens: This is the perfect base for any salad! I try to fill at least half my plate with vegetables, and fresh greens are always a top choice. Bonus if you include dark, leafy greens like kale and rocket – they’re an even more concentrated source of nutrients. 

Almond slivers: Aside from adding a satisfying crunch, slivered almonds are packed with vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and fat. They’re among the healthiest of all tree nuts, and they’re so versatile!

Walnuts: I love adding walnuts to my lunchtime salads. Omega-3 fats, folate, vitamin E and antioxidants combine to improve brain function and get you though any afternoon slump.

Avocado: No salad is complete without avocado. Aside from being a source of healthy, monounsaturated fat, this creamy fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) adds loads of vitamins along with a decadently rich texture.

Kale: Bonus veggie points if you include dark, leafy greens like kale – they’re an even more concentrated source of nutrients and minerals.

Grilled chicken: A classic source of lean protein, chicken is my go-to protein of choice in any salad. I like to keep it simple and healthy with grilled chicken so that the vegetables and add ins can inhance the flavour without the added fat from breaded or friend versions.

Seeded mustard:
Aside from adding a tangy zing, seeded mustard is a rich source of essential oils, vitamins and minerals.

Pesto: Such a delicious way to jazz up any dish! I love to make my own homemade pesto sauce, so I’m extra picky about it. A simple blend of basil (or even kale) combined with pine nuts and olive oil is simple, flavourful addition to a healthy salad.


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