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Do you Really Need to Detox?

21 July 2020
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We’re always hearing about how we need to detox if we’ve had a big weekend of indulging, before or after holidays, or after having a few too many drinks. But is this a myth, or is there truth behind the idea of ‘detoxes’?

Detoxes can range from juice cleanses, to days of fasting. Most commonly, it involves a period of fasting, followed by a strict diet consisting only of fruit, vegetables, juices and water in an attempt to “cleanse” your body.

So do they work?

Short answer: no.

You don’t need to “detox” your body to recover from overeating, drinking too much, or whatever reason people have invented to sell these diets. Your body gets rid of toxins on its own. In fact, your liver, kidneys, skin and lungs are literally built largely to detoxify your body!

People claim these detoxes are good for weight loss, health and resetting your body. However, the weight you lose during these detoxes is normally just water weight. This isn’t healthy to lose – it means you’re dehydrated! You often regain this weight as soon as the detox is over.

It’s also very unhealthy to restrict your body of essential macronutrients like protein, fibre and fats. So again there is no argument for detoxes being healthy!

It can be so bad for your gut, disrupting your microbiome and potentially damaging your metabolism. Often a detox can leave you feeling tired, sluggish and exhausted, because you’re not getting the nutrients you need!

Overall, I believe detoxes encourage a negative relationship with food. They encourage you to restrict so many foods from your diet for no real health benefits.

So instead of detoxing, if you overeat or drink too much, indulge daily over the holidays, or feel the need to reset, simply prioritise eating whole foods, cooking the JSHealth way (try our green soup!!), drinking lots of water, sleeping well and exercising in a ways that you love! This is more effective and sustainable than any detox!

Looking for something that supports the natural detoxification of the body using research-backed, natural ingredients? Try my Detox + Debloat formula – say goodbye to juice cleanses, and hello to a product helping people feel comfortable and confident in their own skin again!

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