ECOSA – A Mattress That Has Changed The Quality Of My Sleep + My Top Nutrition Tips For A Good Night’s Sleep  

For those of you who have followed my journey for a while, you know about my commitment to an 8-hour solid and sound sleep. I believe sleep is the fastest and cheapest way to restore your body.


7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night is the easiest way to change your life and health status.


But as a nutritionist it would be unfair for me to tell you to “just get your 8 hours of sleep in” without actually helping you prepare your body for a beautiful deep sleep.


The hours before sleep are essential and there are lots of tricks and tips to ensure you are able to fall asleep with ease and enjoy that blissful sleep that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed and energized for the day ahead.


Here are my tips for the perfect night’s sleep:


  • Enjoy a protein-rich dinner before bed: Good quality proteins (organic chicken, eggs, salmon, lentils etc.) contains amino acids such as tryptophan that ca help you to fall asleep. It seems vegans and vegetarians struggle to fall asleep because of their potential lack of protein at dinner. Have a handful of almonds or warm almond milk with cinnamon before dinner (try my JSHealth Sleepy Tonic).
  • Savour your evening meal. Eat it slowly and mindfully, enjoying the time with your family/partner/yourself – this helps you wind down and switch off after a busy day.
  • I love to have a warm Epsom salt bath – adding Argan oil or jojoba oil to my hair, which is deliciously soothing.
  • I also take magnesium powder at night to relax my body and prepare it for sleep. Make sure you do this under the guidance of a health practitioner.
  • A warm and comfortable bed is essential. I recently discovered Ecosa Mattresses and it has been absolutely life changing. It is so important to have a mattress that supports your back with gel foam and natural latex. Ecosa mattresses have adjustable firmness and are also dust-mite proof which has helped my husband so much as he suffers from dust allergies – supporting your respiratory system will help you to have a peaceful sleep. Plus the outside is U.S. standard fire-resistant and the inner cover is waterproof and dustmite-proof made with German technology micro-filament fabrics.
  • Avoid caffeine after midday – that includes tea and coffee! Caffeine can stay in your blood stream for up to 8 hours and can effect quality of sleep.
  • No sugar after dinner – this will give you a big wave of energy and potentially wake you between 2-4am.
  • Alcohol directly affects sleep – I suggest avoiding this to embrace a healthier life. I have a no alcohol ule during the week and enjoy it moderately on weekends.
  • Finally, a delicious silk pillowcase! I get mine from Ecosa. The silk on this pillow will keep your hair smooth and skin feeling hydrated when you wake up – divine!


Top tip: If you find yourself heading to the fridge late at night, ask yourself if you’re actually hungry, or just doing it out of boredom or habit. If you’re not hungry, allow your body to digest and remember you have an entire day of food coming tomorrow.




More info on this deliciously comfy mattress: or check out their Instagram: ecosa_sleep


P.s.: they deliver door to door in Australia, NZ and Hong Kong!





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