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Health and Nutrition FAQs with Jess

01 September 2020
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Hi angels,

Today I’m answering some of the most common questions I get asked as a nutritionist! Hope these answers clear things up and help you on your health journey!

What are your thoughts on fasting?

There is some great research behind the 5:2 diet, or fasting in general, when it comes to longevity, blood sugar control and overall health. However, from my experience as a nutritionist, fasting is just NOT sustainable long-term. 

Deprivation and restriction around food in any form always seems to backfire, leading to overeating or promoting an unhealthy relationship with food. The JSHealth philosophy focuses on nourishing your relationship with food, as the foundation of a healthy and balanced life, instead of needing fasting or other fad diets to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What do you eat every day?

This is so individual, it changes every day, and everyone will have different tastes and requirements in their daily diet. JSHealth is all about helping you to connect to your body and figure out what foods make you feel your best!

I usually make a recipe from my App each day – there are more than 600 to choose from so there’s always plenty of variety! Other than that, my diet changes each day!

The JSHealth App and my 8-Week Program gently teach you how to nourish your body in the best way for YOU.

What are your thoughts on collagen?

At JSHealth, we believe in ingredients backed by science.

There is some good research supporting the use of marine collagen, in particular: 

Marine sources of collagen are far better absorbed than other forms of collagen, in particular hydrolysed marine collagen, which provides the cleanest, most easily absorbed source of collagen we could! Hydrolysed collagen has undergone hydrolysis, making it easier for your body to absorb, and therefore maximising its potential benefits! It’s the most effective way to boost collagen production.

Marine collagen is also the more ethical, sustainable alternative to bovine collagen (extracted from beef processing). It has a smaller particle size, making it even more readily absorbed by your body, and therefore more powerful!

What does your exercise routine look like?

I exercise 4-5 times per week in a very balanced way. I work out in ways that I LOVE. Exercise for me is about my mental health and nourishing my body, so I’ll decide on what movement I feel like doing when I wake up, based on my energy levels and how I’m feeling. I often follow the Movement guide in the JSHealth App, and also love taking rest days each week – rest days are just as important as exercise days!

What vitamins do you take?

I swap it up depending on what my body needs! I always take my JSHealth Foundations vitamins: our Gut Health + Immunity probiotic, Magnesium , AM + PM multivitamin and Fish Oil. I am also currently taking Detox + Debloat after indulging more than usual lately. This helps me feel comfortable and supports my liver detoxification processes.

Do you prefer juicing or smoothies?

I like both for different reasons.

I make smoothies as a way to get all my macronutrients in each morning. I find smoothies also energise me and keep me full. I’ve been loving the Cinnamon Scroll smoothie found on the back of my Cinnamon Scroll Protein + Probiotics tub!

Juices are also a great way to boost your nutrient intake, and I aim to have one veggie juice per day!

Do you drink alcohol?

Absolutely, in moderation. I love wine! I drink natural, preservative-free wine without added sulfates. I limit myself to 2-3 drinks at a time, so I’m not overdoing it.

How can you heal your gut?

This takes time and patience!

Focusing on a diet rich in whole foods, and limiting your intake of processed foods, sugar and artificial sweeteners is a great starting point. If it helps you, you could also look at reducing gluten, if it seems it doesn’t agree with your gut.

Taking a daily probiotic and reducing stress can also make a huge difference to your gut, as can adding some gut-loving vitamins to your daily routine. I love the JSHealth Skin + Digestion and Detox + Debloat formulas.

Removing chewing gum and soda from your diet is also important for looking after your gut.


Hope these answers help you! For more nutrition advice, as well as healthy and simple recipes, workouts and more, try the JSHealth App today!

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