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Four Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Workout

12 May 2020
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Hi angels,

We all love a good workout – getting sweaty, feeling energised, and enjoying moving your body is such a fantastic feeling! BUT if you’re not following my top tips for getting the most out of each workout, chances are you aren’t seeing the results you’re working for, or you’re not recovering properly between sessions! Give these a go today, and see the difference they make!

Jess xx

1. Warm up!

NEVER skip a warm up, angels! I know it can be tempting to dive straight into the high intensity part of a workout, and skip the slower warming up of your muscles, but it is essential you take even a few minutes to activate the key muscles you’ll be using, and warm your body up. This prevents injury, and actually allows you to use your muscles properly, performing movements correctly so you get more out of them! It’s so worth taking an extra few minutes to warm up!

2. Food is fuel!

If you’re working out regularly, your body is going to need more food to fuel the energy it’s using in each session – and the types of food you require may be different too!

Make sure you’re eating enough protein and carbohydrates each day, to replenish your body and your energy stores. 

Having a post-workout meal which includes a quality source of complex carbohydrates, and a source of protein, can really help synthesise your muscles after a workout, so you’re getting more out of the session and seeing better results, as well as bringing your energy levels back up so you don’t feel drained and depleted for the rest of the day!

I love to make a smoothie post-workout, with banana as a source of carbs, and my Protein + Probiotics as a great source of protein, plus some nut butter for healthy fats! You can try one of my fave recipes for my Cinnamon Scroll Protein Smoothie here!

3. Stretch

Never underestimate the importance of stretching! If consistency is key in working out, you cannot be consistent if you have sore, tight, aching muscles! Taking just 5-10 minutes after every workout to stretch will help your recovery SO much! Try and hold each stretch for around 30 seconds to get the most out of it. Target the muscles you used throughout the workout.

You’ll recover faster, and feel fantastic the next time you go to workout!

4. Take rest days!

Rest is key to getting the most out of your workouts! It might seem strange, but without rest days, you’ll never see the results you’re striving for! Your body needs downtime to rest, recover and repair. It’s these rest days that actually allow your muscles to strengthen and rebuild so they’re improving and ready for your next workout. 

Have at least 1-2 rest days per week, even if that means sticking to a light walk or yoga flow on that day. Trust me, it’s essential for getting the most out of your exercise routine!

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