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6 tips for easing personal job stress…

If you work, regardless of where or what industry you’re in, you’re bound to experience some type of on the job stress at some point in your career. Many jobs are stressful by nature—for instance, emergency room doctors or fire fighters. However, jobs that require sitting or standing for long periods of time in one spot, such as factory workers or desk jobs can also be very stressful to the body and mind. And little fixes, for instance in my last job I suffered back pain, but when I decided to buy an ergonomic chair, I was able to banish that stress from my work day.

The way your body and mind react to job stress largely depends on how your deal with and manage stress. For some, some stress can actually be motivating if you’re a person that tends to “strive under pressure”. However, too much job stress over a long period of time can be very dangerous to your health and well being. While you should be able to seek some help from your employer when it comes to curbing ongoing stress on the job, there are things that you can do to help ease job stress in the workplace.

Here are six strategies for dealing with and easing personal job stress.

1. Stay positive
Have you ever heard the adage “it’s all in the attitude”? Well approaching work with a positive attitude can go a long way to curbing job stress and banishing negative things that you can’t control about your job—for example, annoying coworkers, demanding clients, etc. Having a positive attitude and focusing on the good things (like your accomplishments) will help you stay motivated to do a good job even when stress sets in.

2. Accept your faults and the faults of others
No one is perfect—not your coworkers, not your boss, and not you! If you approach your job realistically (with the idea that everyone makes mistakes and that no one is perfect) you will be more willing to accept your failures and those of others, you will also be more willing to ask for help and aid when help is needed.

3. Take a break
Sometimes when you feel the stress thermometer raising it’s best to just walk away. Taking a 10 minute break to refocus leaves you more motivated than ever when you return to work. So take a break next time you’re feeling stressed—take a brisk walk, go outside and feed the birds, or sit quietly and breathe under the shade of a tree.

4. Banish clutter
Just because your workplace is a mess, doesn’t mean your own personal workspace needs to be a mess. Clutter is distracting so do your best to keep your own personal space tidy so you can focus and work without distractions.

5. Make friends
Having a work confident to talk things out with is a good way to combat stress at work. After a stressful day, sometimes it’s nice and cathartic to blow off steam by confiding in a trusted friend. And maybe this coworker will have some insight into how to remedy a stressful situation as well.

6. Remember—it’s just a job
Think of it this way—it’s just a job and you can always look for another one if the stress becomes too unbearable. So if you’re workplace is actually unhealthy or your boss is abusing his or her authority, start looking for a new job. You are the one in control of your own situation after all.

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Gina M Casillo is a staff writer for Serenity Living Stores, your choice place to buy a Barcelona chair. She enjoys decorating the bedrooms for her active twin boys and writing about home décor – especially when it comes to the spaces she’s most intimate with.

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