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4 Reasons Why Gut Health is SO Important

03 February 2020
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Gut health is being talked about more and more recently, angels, but are you aware of just how important your gut health is?

Read on to find out exactly what your gut health is responsible for, but before you do… I’ve just launched an amazing probiotic, the JSHealth Gut Health + Immunity formula! Angels, this is your gut’s new bff!

Gut health impacts the following functions of your body, and many more:

1. Mood and emotional function

Have you ever felt like you have butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous, or felt your stomach drop when you’re disappointed? Your emotions can manifest themselves in your gut, demonstrating just how close the relationship between your brain and gut is.

Research has shown that consuming a probiotic daily can significantly reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, and can even improve your mood!

2. Skin

Your skin health is also closely linked to your gut – a happy gut will reveal itself on the outside! If you’re after glowing, healthy, hydrated skin, it’s important to consider your gut health. In fact, gut health can even have an impact on eczema, dermatitis, acne and other skin conditions!

Luckily enough, probiotics can be really effective in preventing and treating these skin diseases by restoring the balance of bacteria in your gut! In fact, evidence is growing to support the use of probiotics in the treatment of acne and other skin conditions.

3. Digestion

Digestive health is closely linked to gut health. In fact, probiotics may improve digestive health, as they can break down indigestible fibres that would otherwise cause gas or bloating. They can also improve symptoms of constipation, diarrhea and IBS – so it’s clear how beneficial good gut health and probiotics are for your digestion, absorption of nutrients, and regularity in your bowel movements!

4. Immunity

Caring for your gut is essential for a strong immune system. The gut walls house the cells which make up your immune system, so any help you can give your gut will make a world of difference!

Probiotics have also been found to help here, with the good bacteria contained in these supplements helping to maintain a balance of good and bad gut bugs, preventing the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

Research has shown the potential for probiotics to improve intestinal conditions like diarrhoea, IBS and ulcerative colitis, as probiotics can reinforce your protective intestinal barrier, making your immune system so much stronger!

So angels it’s true, good gut health is so important when it comes to feeling your best, and living your healthiest life! And luckily for you, our probiotic maintains and supports good gut bacteria, gastrointestinal function, bowel function, digestion, intestinal health and immune function.

And if you want to give your gut some love, or a helping hand, try the new JSHealth Gut Health + Immunity probiotic formula – it’s honestly the most incredible, nourishing, balanced formula!

Jess xo

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