How One Woman Found Health & Happiness On The 8-Week Program

Every time I read a testimonial from one of my JSHealth girls, I’m truly touched and inspired. When I was first starting out as a nutritionist, all I wanted to do was help people live happier, healthier lives and I feel so grateful to do that every single day. Here’s a testimonial from Melanie Bennetts, who’s been following the 8-week Program and has incorporated the JSHealth philosophy into her daily life.


Melanie Bennetts’ testimonial on the 8-week Program

I’m a mum of two beautiful toddler girls and a wife to an incredibly supportive man. I’m a primary school teacher. I love being outdoors and being with my family. Generally, I’m a happy person, however, I suffer from anxiety. I’ve suffered from low self-esteem and poor body image since I was a child, which peaked in my teenage years. I’ve tried different diets, fitness programs, gym memberships and quick fixes. While they may have helped me lose some weight (temporarily), none of them actually addressed the bigger issue, which was healing my relationship with food and my body.

Last year, I was in hospital eight times with two surgeries. I was angry at the world and I was so angry at my body. I felt like it had failed me, time and time again. I felt like all hope was lost. I took some time to regroup and started doing some research on how to heal my body and mind.

My mum showed me Jessica’s first book and I instantly connected with it and her philosophy. I worked through both of her books and did a few of the weekly meal plans offered in them. I felt back on track somewhat, but when my doctor said I was overweight according to the BMI charts, it sent me in a downward spiral so fast I didn’t even see it happening and had no time to put a stop to it.

I went back to my teenage fears: insecurities, disordered eating and self-loathing. I knew what was happening and just couldn’t stop it, which made me feel even worse. I finally found the courage to start the 8-week Program with the support and encouragement from a close friend. It has been the greatest move I’ve ever made for myself.

The program has also taught me to sit mindfully to eat meals. My phone goes away, I take some deep breaths and spend my meal times with my loved ones talking about our day and the food we’re eating. All of our meals are eaten at the table or outside. I’ve learnt that eating to nourish your body isn’t difficult or boring with the JSHealth principles. I’ve also learnt how to cook meals without using gluten and dairy, as my body doesn’t digest them well.

Another benefit is that I’m sleeping better at night, my stomach feels less bloated, my skin is much clearer and I’m able to identify my moods. I’ve learnt to put my legs up against the wall, to practise deep belly breathing before meals and to do child’s pose to calm myself. 

I always hated my body; I’m curvy and I’ve always been told by people close to me who I put my trust in that I’m fat. Now, for the most part, I love my body. Beauty no longer means ‘skinny’ to me. I fully appreciate and treasure my body. It has given me two healthy children. It is strong. It is curvy in a womanly way, which I now view in a positive light only.

I’m happier and I’m finding myself laughing again. I feel like I have a new way of living and I just wish I could go back 15 years to my teenage self and let her know that things would get better and that she was strong and beautiful.

I feel empowered and so eternally grateful for this program and the impact it has had on my life. I feel like my daughters have such a great chance at growing up to be confident, self-assured women. This is all because of the impact JSHealth has had on my life. No words can do justice to how grateful I am.


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