Healthy Highlight: Avocado

I would definitely recommend adding avocado to your next salad, and not just because of this fruit’s amazing taste.

Whilst some are deterred due to the high fat content in avocados – don’t be!

In fact, this is one of the reasons why avocados are so good for you.

Avocados are full of “good fats”, in this case – monounsaturated fats – which assists in lowering cholesterol. Healthy fats have also been known to control appetite through the release of hormones into the intestines, indicating fullness. Not only are avocados low in sugar content, they are high in fibre – keeping you fuller for longer.

With almost 75% of avocado being made of water, its pretty amazing at how nutrient dense this fruit is! In fact, one avocado holds around 20 different nutrients and minerals – including Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, and Potassium (even more than a banana!) which assists in stabilising blood pressure.

Whilst avocados are both nutritious and delicious, they are still high in calories – so if you’re watching your weight, make sure to eat in moderation (around 1/4 of an avocado per serving).

Make sure to store avocados in a room temperature climate, and bare in mind they take around 4-5 days to ripen. Whilst guacamole is definitely a favourite avo-based option, avocados are also an amazing creamy alternative when baking sweet treats.  In fact, my ‘Chocolate Almond Mouse’ from ‘The Clean Life’  is one of my favourite avo-indulgence!

Avocados are even an amazing base for home made face-masks

Who else is loving this versatile fruit?

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