Healthy Highlight: Carrots

We’ve all grown up with carrots as a kitchen staple, but so few people really know how carrots can be used in so many yummy ways beyond the traditional go-to methods of steaming and roasting. Carrots are also a nutrient powerhouse as they include many of the vitamins and minerals that help our bodies function and keep us glowing.

Carrots come in many more varieties beyond the large brilliant orange we’re used to seeing: from the sweeter baby carrots to the rarer purple, red, white or yellow colourings. I definitely recommend changing it up and trying out the different versions for something new, as variety is important to ensure our bodies have access to all the nutrients we need.

Vitamin A is what gives them their stunning color. This vitamin helps inhibit sebaceous glad activity, which is a great way to improve teenage acne which is often linked to overactivity in these glands. Vitamin A is also important for maintaining eye health and night vision, and has been shown to reduce macular degeneration as our bodies become older. Vitamin A is fat soluble, so make sure to pair your carrots with tahini or walnuts to improve absorption.

If your hair and nails are brittle and your skin feels flaky and thin, you may be deficient in silica. This trace mineral is so important for maintaining our hair, skin and nails and can be found naturally in carrots.

Carrots are so versatile and I love to find ways to use them at any time of day- whether my body is craving something sweet or savoury.

Here’s the recipe for my Carrot and Walnut Loaf 

And if you’re after something sweeter, here’s one of my favourite healthy, guilt-free twists on carrot cake – my high protein carrot cake snack.

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