Healthy Highlight: Asparagus

While we typically recognize this nutrient-packed vegetable in a bright green hue, asparagus can also be found in white and purple. And though white asparagus is missing the green pigment chlorophyll, it’s still an incredible source of vitamins, minerals and essential proteins.

All veggies are great for weight loss and maintenance, but asparagus is an especially good option because it’s low in calories and sodium with no cholesterol. It’s also rich in dietary fiber – something we can all use more of!

If you’re pregnant or thinking of growing your family, asparagus is a must. It’s a great source of folate, which can reduce the risk of birth defects and is essential for fetal growth. It’s also packed with B vitamins, which maintains healthy levels of homocysteine and blood sugar.

Another plus for ladies? Asparagus extract can ease pre-menstrual bloating as well as maintain hormonal balance. But the benefits extend to men, too – it has aphrodisiac properties and can enhance libido!

Asparagus can also ease symptoms from chronic ailments like type 2 diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. Its anti-inflammatory nutrients can relieve pain and ease the overall symptoms associated with arthritis.

And yes, it’s true – asparagus is notorious for giving a distinct smell to urine. It’s completely normal and, in fact, healthy! Asparagus breaks down ammonia and sulphur into chemical compounds, which helps the body to detoxify. Bring on the green!

I love to roast asparagus, but it can also be grilled and even picked or eaten raw. It makes the perfect addition to a salad, omelette or as a standout side dish. One of my favourite recipes a grilled asparagus salad with goats cheese – find the recipe here!


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