How I Deal With A Bad Body Image Moment

Sometimes I look in the mirror or a photo of myself and I just am not happy with what I see. The mean and insecure girl inside of my head will start talking some kind of nonsense like, “Look at how your stomach is petruding in that photo, Jess!” or “I look bloated in this dress” or “You cannot walk around in this bikini”… “Oh gosh I must of put on weight this week because my clothes feel tighter today… ” or ” I wish I had a flat stomach” or “My skin is looking incredibly oily today, ewww”.

Read on…

My health journey has come a long way. These thoughts happen much less frequently that they used to. I have to be honest with my community…and these thoughts do still occur every now and then. I noticed it more so now on my holiday. I was out of my comfort zone, not eating what I usually eat, drinking leisurely and indulging more (which I know is actually so good for my body!). This made me feel slightly out of control, I guess.  So many of us feel that if we look or feel thin, everything is better. If we stick to that perfect health routine, then our bodies will be happy, but if not…we will fail and put on weight. Being in control of our eating, means we are in control of our lives…so many of us feel that, right? When we let go, just a little…we feel out of control. We don’t trust that our bodies will take care of us. Crazy! We forget that our bodies listen to what we do most of the time, not sometimes. We don’t trust that all will be well. And our bodies will fight damn hard to keep us in equilibrium. We don’t trust this process? It breaks my heart.

I believe this is a little reminder that we must reconnect to our bodies. Building this strong relationship with our bodies will foster the unconditional love and respect that will minimize these unhelpful thoughts that aren’t serving us.

And then the guilt…

I felt so guilty having these thoughts. I mean, hello! I am a health role model to so many. I am dedicated to taking care of my body. This is my career and I cannot even shut these ridiculous thoughts out.

But I know these thoughts are not real. I know it is my ego and the very vein part of myself trying to take over. And that is what centers me again. We cannot believe every thought that passes through our minds.

I am still on my journey, I am still healing.

We are not perfect creatures. Perfect does not exist. This is something I am still learning. Are you also? And I promise you…we all have imperfect thoughts too. So how do we deal with these imperfect and SILLY thoughts about our own very beautiful bodies?

Some little helpful tips that I use:

  • I focus on a part of my body that I DO LIKE. So I look in the mirror and say, “Oh your legs are looking fab today, lucky to have them!” I practice this daily now. This builds up my relationship with my body.
  • I remind myself that those thoughts are my mean girl. And that mean girl does not deserve my time or energy. I believe our thoughts can become our reality and I do not want to foster this mean kind of relationship with my own body.
  • I focus on all of the good and incredibly healthy practices that I am dedicated to. I thank myself for taking care of my body most of the time. Making a choice to live a healthy life is an amazing achievement. We are nothing without our health.
  • I stop comparing…I remind myself that we are biochemically unique, so how can we expect to look the same as our best friends, sisters and colleagues. Its absurd.
  • We are enough. Yes we are. State that to yourself daily.
  • I believe the body actually loves and thrives on change and variety. Variety in our diets and routine is absolutely a part of the health equation. The body loves a little shock and being out of its normal routine. We must surrender and trust the process.
  • Our negative self-talk is more harmful to our health than anything, than any bad food choice. I truly believe this. It is silent stress to our bodies and we know that stress is the number one health killer.


You are good enough! You are gorgeous!


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  • Jodie

    I needed this today. Thanks.

  • Camilla

    Thank-you so much Jess. I needed this more than anything today. I have too come from a similar past and although I’ve progressed these thoughts still manage to creep in from time to time. I’ve been concerned about blogging about it as my readers know my journey and I consider myself a health and nutrition role model also. This post couldn’t have been more timely….thank-you for all that you do.

    Camilla x

  • Jess, this is such a beautiful and honest post!

    All of us still experience negative thoughts and to say otherwise I believe is not telling the truth…we are human + emotional and when things occur in life that are not so good – we can fall into the negative. It all comes down to how quickly we choose to re-balance our mind and body and pick ourselves back up with love and kindness.

    Your wisdom is so needed today and I thank you for being one of the few people who are so vulnerable and real; sharing both the good and not so good parts of yourself. You are owning and accepting them and this is most important when inspiring others to do this same.

    Girl, you completely rock!

    Loads of love xx

    • oh Thank you my love. You inspire me! Very lucky to have your support!!!

  • laura

    another FANTASTIC post and one i should pay attention too 🙂 thanks jessica xxx

  • Yelena

    A really nice post. Very open, and real. Love your blog.

  • Michelle

    You are absolutely beautiful Jess. Thankyou so much for this <3

  • Catherine

    Hi, I just wanted to say that I really needed this, I love your blog and website, instagram as well and you have helped me so much. I am training in europe to be a professional Ballet dancer and body image and weight necessities is a part of the job unfortunately so sometimes it takes alot to stay in control and have a good perspective! By following your health ideals I can manage to eat well, and manage my energy needs and weight. So Thankyou! xx

  • laura

    you are a true inspiration and i really really hope one day to let go and love,trust and except my self 🙂



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