My Tips & Tricks for Staying Healthy in Airports

Honestly sometimes I wish there was a camera filming me in airports… Because of how ridiculously healthy I am. I know most people complain of not being able to be healthy in airports/planes – but I really have learnt how to nail this.


It is all about a little pre-prep… Just a few minutes dedicated to it. This is what I do….


  • I grab snacks for the flight before the airport – raw almonds, a healthy snack bar, raw chocolate, green apple, bliss balls – to have on the plane/airpots
  • I get a takeaway salad/sushi for the flight. If not a salad/sushi – I take an avocado and rice cakes and make a little light snack/lunch with that.
  • I do avoid the plane food unless its veggies or fresh salad.
  • I always carry some bags of homemade granola/healthy store-bought granola to eat for breakfast wherever I am and ask the cafe in the airport or air-hostess for milk to add to it.
  • Sometimes airports have great cafes with salads – this is a great last resort to grab dinner before the plane or to take on the plane itself!
  • I buy 2L of water in the airport (after security) and add Vitamin C powder to it.
  • I avoid all caffeine and alcohol pre flight and on the flight.
  • If I am craving sugar, I go for dark chocolate only.
  • I do yoga stretches in the airport.


That’s all – haha! What are your tips and tricks for staying healthy on the go?


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