How My Approach To Exercise Has Changed

Exercise approach

I exercise to nourish my body, not to punish it.

I actually exercise less these days because of my commitment to tune into to my body and actually listen to it. Some days I wake up a little tired, which means I’ll rest and take it easy. Some days I wake up energised which means I’ll do one of my favourite workouts. These days that ranges from walking, yoga or a HIIT session.

I used to feel so much pressure to do a hardcore workout everyday ‘to off burn calories’ or a food binge. Exercise used to be about punishing off ‘my diets sins’ – crazy!

The moment I started exercising with kindness and balance, my relationship with my body changed. What is interesting to me, is just how many people are achieving incredible results on the 8-week Program with this kind and balanced approach to exercise.

Long gone are the 2 hour boot camp sessions that I really did not enjoy!

Who can relate to the JS approach to exercise? Has it helped you?


Learn about the JSHealth 8-week Program here.

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