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JSHealth Program

I am constantly blown away with the phenomenal transformations that the JSHealth community are experiencing. In this program Q & A, Lauren opens up about her struggles with food anxiety, disordered eating and consequent hormone imbalances. She explains how the JSHealth 8-Week Program and it’s principles have helped her develop a healthy relationship with food and stopped the diet cycle. Nothing makes me happier than hearing how the women in the JSHealth community are thriving off the 8-week program and supporting each other each and every day.



 Lauren, 21, Australia

Tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspired you to start the 8-week program. Was there a turning point in your life?
As a teenager, I suffered badly with anorexia and bulimia, and had a terrible relationship with food. As I began to recover, I found that I became very restrictive in only wanting to eat clean food. However, this behaviour often led me to binge eating and self-hate. I came across JSHealth on Instagram, and was inspired by other stories of women like me finally finding a sense of freedom around food. It was a completely foreign concept but I knew it was where I wanted to get to.

In what way has the 8-week Program changed your relationship with food and health?
The 8-week program has given me the structure I crave (as a type A personality) with the freedom to overcome binge eating. It has shown me how to have food in moderation and to not let my food choices to dictate my life. My focus now is on nourishing my body with food that makes me feel good and importantly tastes good.

What changes or benefits have you experienced since following the program?
I have essentially stopped binge eating and excitingly I have got my period back for the first time in over two years! These changes are things I never could have imagined happening a year ago and it is all thanks to the JSHealth community and program.

What are some of the JSHealth principles that you’ll continue to implement into your daily life?
Eating mindfully, without technology is something I hope to be able to do for the rest of my life. It makes such a difference to my digestion and controls my hunger. Secondly, practicing self- love and forgiveness. The affirmations and exercises throughout the program have been so helpful when I am feeling negative towards myself.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
The JSHealth community has been life changing. It has helped me get to a place in my eating disorder recovery where I am no longer chasing a weight on the scale, or avoiding social situations due to fear of food. I feel calmer, stronger and more in love with myself than I have ever been. Thanks to the JSHealth program my hormones are beginning to regulate and I finally feel more balanced. I still have a long way to go on my health journey, but I know the JSHealth community will be right there to support me.


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