How to avoid winter weight woes

The winter winds have started to blow down under. Here in Sydney we’re feeling the chill, and with it the challenge to keep cold weather weight off. Who wants to get out of a cosy bed to exercise? Oh, that can hurt. A warm, gooey pizza or creamy hot chocolate by the fire is incredibly hard to resist. And red wine? That will certainly keep me warm!

It’s natural to turn to warming foods in colder months. Our bodies may crave the comfort of rich meals, and that can make it easy to overeat foods that contribute to weight gain. I am right there with you! But I’ve got some specific tricks that I’ve been using to avoid bloat, sluggishness and weight gain.

  • Drink water, all day. This can be difficult in winter because it’s cold, so try to drink warm water and herbal tea instead. Water is SO important when it comes to weight loss and maintenance.
  • Keep moving – this warms you up! Just 30 minutes a day will do. Choose your favorite form of movement and enjoy it.
  • Make healthy versions of naughty foods. In my book The Clean Life, you will find an entire chapter dedicated to healthy sweet alternatives like a homemade, sugar-free Nutella, homemade sugar-free hot chocolate or a delicious chocolate almond tart served with coyo. Yum.
  • Eat protein with each meal and snack to keep your blood sugar levels stable and decrease sugar cravings. Consider eating 5 small meals a day. This will decreases your chance of turning to the “bad stuff.”
  • Make healthy soups – they’re warming, help you meet your veggie quota for the day, and make amazing leftovers.
  • Ensure you have greens with each meal! Half your plate should be vegetables. Get excited about roasting veggies in winter. What’s better than roasted spiced cauliflower and Brussels sprouts? They’re nature’s candy!
  • Avoid starch after 3pm. This will really help to keep the weight off and will remove not so healthy food choices in the evening.
  • Have a treat each week. I talk about this in The Clean Life and tell my clients all the time that this treat can be SO good for us – it knocks out the cravings and can help prevent bingeing on that food. If you’re craving a delicious roast with red wine…have it. Enjoy it with gusto and positive thoughts.
  • Keep stress in check. There is an entire chapter in The Clean Life on how to reduce stress in your life.  High stress causes high cortisol, which is a fat storage hormone and makes it very hard to keep weight off. Start by doing legs up against the wall for 10 minutes a day or deep belly breathes. Remember to give yourself time to rest each day to connect with yourself – rather than turning to comfort foods.
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