How to Ban Dieting and Embrace Mindful Eating

I used to be a dieter. A fad dieter too. It was like an addiction. It would give me some kind of high when I found out about a new one – because the hope of it bringing me the 11291790_10153271971395699_349464520_nbody of my dreams made me so excited. Funny thing is – none of them ever gave me the results I wanted. Ever. And I tried them all.

But after 5 years of study and after years of healing myself – I started to become a mindful and intuitive eater. And truthfully I had enough. I kind of gave up and let it all 11251702_10153271971435699_1618979845_ngo.  What for! And then – the results came. I treated food as a source of nourishment.  I viewed it in a totally different light. I stopped depriving myself.  I was kinder to myself. I celebrated food and ate it slowly and mindfully. I started feeling grateful for the food on my plate and the fact that my body was my temple – how lucky I am to have a body functioning so well for me.

Then everything changed. My relationship with food healed. And it’s not as easy as this. It’s taken years to heal this.

Dieting Mindful eating
Willpower Trust
Quick fix Lifestyle and forever
Cultural pressure Individual approach
Deprivation Satisfaction
Food is the enemy Food is nourishment
Restrictive eating Flexible with food
Counting calories Nutrient dense

Top tips to letting go of the diet mentality:

  • Practice mindful eating – look at food. Literally look down on your plate and see the nutrients that help keep your body alive and well
  • 11291290_10153271971595699_549264853_nThrow away your diet books – just let it go
  • Stop comparing yourself to your friends or family members – you are biochemically unique
  • Be kind to yourself
  • You have to build the foundation of love for yourself. Otherwise you wont treat yourself kindly. Do something everyday for YOU – even if that’s just 20 minutes of delicious tea in bed
  • Practice affirmations

Find out how I healed my relationship with food and myself in The Clean Life 

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