How to Bring a Touch of Indulgence to Everyday whilst Hydrating, Invigorating & Protecting Your Skin

As a nutritionist, I truly believe that healthy skin is a reflection of what is happening in the inside of our beautiful bodies.


Your gut and liver are the most important organs to nourish for good skin.


My diet is the number one priority when it comes to my skin health. I also keep things very simple and clean when it comes to my skin products – choosing an organic or certified natural skin care like the Trilogy Body Care Range. Simple is best, always.


Here is a glimpse of what I do to nourish my skin in a simplistic way:


  • Lots of filtered water throughout the day with lemon juice or apple cider vinegar – which helps the liver and the gut – which will end of having a big effect on the skin.
  • I ensure I have good fats at every meal – avocado, nuts, seeds, tahini, olive oil – they nourish and protect skin cells
  • avoid all refined sugar and use natural sugars/sweeteners sparingly – you can find lots of delicious healthy sweet treats on my blog
  • I avoid gluten as it can gut inflammation, which is where our nutrients are absorbed to nourish our skin.
  • I use the Trilogy Botanical Body Wash It contains aloe vera, chamomile, lavender and rose hip seed oil – which, as a Nutritionist, I know how these natural ingredients can soothe the skin. Using this body wash is one of my favourite ways to relax too – it’s filled with lavender, which is very calming for the nervous system.
  • I take skin-loving supplements like: zinc (helps to repair skin cells), fish oil/flaxseed oil (essential fatty acids are essential for the skin) and probiotics – amazing for gut health which will automatically help your skin.
  • Dairy can be a big issue with skin. Opt for organic versions only! My usual advice is no more than 2 portions of dairy/day.
  • I make sure I’m using a certified natural skin care range like the Trilogy Body Care range – I love their Exfoliating Body Balm and Pure Plant Body Oil for a little touch of everyday indulgence.


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