Vitamin C is my favourite nutrient

If you’re not currently battling flu season, it is undoubtedly heading your way before long. The best defense is a healthy immune system – and that’s probably why you’ve been hearing a lot about vitamin C.


But it does so much more than just provide immune support! Did you know that it actually does wonders for your skin? Oh yes. Here’s what keeps vitamin C a staple on this nutritionist’s desk:


Immune support: The most common reason for taking vitamin C is to boost immunity, and with good reason. Vitamin C, which is also known as ascorbic acid, provides immune support by attacking the nucleic acid of the virus – and it keeps attacking bacteria until it’s dead. This makes it great for anything from hay fever to colds to the flu.


Healthy skin: Just as vitamin C boosts your immune system, the same antioxidant power protects skin from damaging free-radical like sun damage and environmental factors. It’s also amazing for collagen production – we’re talking firm, tight skin!


Liver cleanser/detoxifier: Even a low dose of vitamin C can prevent fatty buildup and liver cirrhosis – some research shows that it might actually flush fats and environmental toxins from the liver. A healthy cleanse isn’t complete without a good dose of vitamin C.


Healthy adrenals: While I believe real, whole foods can aid in adrenal support, it’s difficult to get enough vitamin C necessary without the help of supplements. This is essential for adrenal function, and vitamin C helps your adrenals to respond and recover from stress more quickly. In this world, we should all be supplementing with it to keep stress under control!


Since most synthetic versions of vitamin C are difficult to digest and cause stomach upset, it’s best to get it through whole food sources. That’s why Nature’s Way Whole Foods Vitamin C is my go to. Unlike standard versions, which are often created using corn starch and hydrochloric acid, Nature’s Way is created with gorgeous whole food sources like Amla Berry, Acerola Cherry and Camu Camu. I don’t know about you, but those aren’t things I’m typically able to incorporate into my diet! This whole food vitamin source makes it more bio-available to our bodies and actually increases its immune-boosting properties. I trust this source to benefit my health – and the health of my clients.



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