How to Enjoy Your Coffee the Right Way!

In my opinion, the issue with coffee is not the coffee itself.

It’s the way people have their coffee.

The additions of sugar, milk, cream and sweeteners are what make that innocent cup of coffee – not so innocent!

In fact it can be the cause of many of your unwanted health issues.

I harp on and on about coffee being dangerous in excess to an already stressed out body because the caffeine can cause a rise in cortisol and adrenaline. And too much cortisol causes all kinds of hormonal issues – and weight gain around the midsection! (no thanks!)

Too much coffee will also have a major impact on liver and digestive function.

And if you follow my blog – you also know that I say YES PLEASE to my 1 cup a day. All sorts of research supports that moderate amounts of coffee are GOOD for our health.

So how do you have your coffee?
If you have a double shot with full cream milk and 2 sugars…and maybe some cream on top?  – I can assure you this is NOT good!

Or perhaps you are having a large cappuccino. This is 2 cups of milk + 2 espresso shots + chocolate sprinkled on top…not so good!

Basically most coffee options at Starbucks or Gloria Jeans are not going to be a good option unless you have a long black…


What I think a good coffee looks like?
A long black – with a dash of good quality cows milk or almond milk (if you prefer dairy free).

A piccolo – a shot of espresso with only a small amount of milk added. This is what I have. Sometimes I have cows milk and when I am cleansing I enjoy almond milk.

A macchiato or Americano.

A 1/2 latte/flat white cup of milk with the espresso shot – something I order sometimes.

A small 3/4 latte/flat white –(this is 3/4 of the cup milk) with no added sugar or sweetener.

A small latte  (this is a full cup milk) – with no added sugar or sweetener. A small latte is actually quite a lot of milk. This is as much as I would go. No more!




Little tips!

  • Don’t have chocolate on top.
  • Go for good quality organic cows milk – low fat or full fat.
  • Only have 1 shot in your coffee max.
  • Try to have 1 coffee a day – max 2!!!!
  • Don’t drink coffee after 1pm.


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  • That’s one thing that always gets me at my favourite cafe…even when ask for no chocolate on top…guess what comes out from the barrista…chocolate! Interestingly I have to use the same trick I use with changing any habit…I replace it with a better option…so now I always ask for cinnamon on top.

  • Thanks for the tips!!! I used to have a large soy flat white every morning – and never knew why I was having such terrible digestive issues. I cut the soy and now have a long black with a dash of milk and VOILAAA much better!!! Happy Friday gorgeous!

  • Great tips! I have my coffee dark. I prefer its original coffee taste than mix it with some sugar or creamer. And oh, no coffee after 1pm? Geez I’ll try that


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