How to make food your friend for a healthy weight


What I know for sure? Food has to be your friend in order to reach a healthy and happy weight for you.

See, I used to view food as the enemy. I used to fear food. Anxious is all I would feel when I was around it.

And – to my frustration – my weight kept creeping up.

This confused me, because I was SO strict and restrictive with food – only ever allowing myself small portions of fat free “diet food.” How could my weight not be totally under my control?

This has been the biggest lesson in the last 3 or 4 years of healing – that you need to have a healthy relationship with food if you are struggling with your weight.

Only when I slowly starting healing my relationship with food – and it’s important to note that my focus was on the relationship with food rather than the calories – I started to lose the excess weight.

Of course there are people out there who control their weight through restriction and by being incredibly controlling over what they eat. And I know many of them!

But from what I see in my clinic and in my personal life – for me, having this controlling relationship with food can and does backfire.

Why? It has a lot to do with your nervous system, your digestion and the power of your thoughts.

Your nervous system. Many typical dieters have high cortisol levels – this is a hormone that can make weight loss a real struggle. Mine was through the roof. You need to rebalance your nervous system (I speak about how to do this in my book, The Healthy Life). Think yoga, entering the stress free zone, more sleep, more rest and less caffeine.

Your digestion. It shuts off and can’t function properly when you are stressed. Really, it does, and this can impact weight.

Your thoughts. Your body listens to your thoughts. It really does! If you tell yourself all day that you are fat, or weight loss is hard or you can’t lose weight – you making it extra hard for yourself. Believe you can lose wright. A good affirmation is ‘weight loss is effortless” and “I am slim and slender.”

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