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5 Ways to Support Your Immune System

17 March 2020
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Hi angels,

In such a scary and challenging time, it’s important to look after your health – both physical and mental! I am sending so much love to each and every one of you, and hope that you and your families are staying safe and well.

I’ve come up with five tips for you to incorporate into your daily routine each day, to keep you calm and protect your immune system in the midst of the current situation. Give these a go angels, and look after yourselves!

1. Practise mindfulness daily.

While we focus on our physical health and immunity at times like this, it’s so important to consider your mental health too. With all the hysteria, false claims, and abundance of information being thrown at us (whether it’s factual or incorrect), it can be easy to be swept up in the panic and fear. Fear actually damages your immune system, and isn’t helpful at all at this time!

Please, take time out of your day to spend even a few minutes meditating and calming your mind. I recommend trying one of the new guided meditations with our expert meditation teacher in the JSHealth App each day, to put you at ease and restore your mental health in a trying time.

2. Eat the JSHealth way, and include a variety of nutrients.

Eating a varied diet filled with whole foods is essential for keeping your immune system strong, and protecting you from getting sick. Aim to include a range of whole foods, especially vegetables and fruit, into each meal, to ensure you’re providing your body with adequate nutrients to fight off disease and boost your immunity! The JSHealth App has more than 500 healthy, balanced and nutritious recipes packed with whole foods to help you stay on the right track!

3. Supplement wisely.

At times like this, angels, it can be a good idea to give your immune system a helping hand with some well-chosen, thoroughly researched vitamins.

I’ve been using my JSHealth Vitamins AM + PM Multivitamin, which was specifically formulated to support your immune system, and help your body adapt to stress. The AM provides lasting energy and immune support throughout the day, while the PM relieves nervous tension and unrest, calms the nerves and relieves mild anxiety.

I’ve also been using my Gut Health + Immunity Probiotic, as good gut health is essential for a healthy immune system! This formula contains three strains of probiotics specially chosen to support your immune system function, and maintain a healthy gut and digestive system!

Now is the time to give your body that extra bit of love and support angels!

4. Wash your hands, often.

This one is simple, but hygiene is extra important at the moment. Please make sure you’re washing your hands as much as possible, particularly after touching common surfaces, and also wiping your phone down regularly – this is a secret carrier of germs and bacteria! Be sensible, and keep clean!

5. Follow the guidance of the people in the know!

With all the hysteria out there at the moment, we’re being bombarded with false and exaggerated information. Please, angels, follow the advice of the government, and take on board their warnings, advice and restrictions. If you’ve been overseas, self isolate for 14 days, if your workplace allows, work from home and practise social isolation where possible. Keep your distance from anyone experiencing flu-like symptoms, and take care of yourself! If you yourself feel sick, or are experiencing any symptoms, go and get tested before coming into contact with others! We all need to keep calm and work together!


Sending all my love and prayers to you all, we’re all in this together so let’s stay strong!

Jess xx

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