The Healed Life: Therese Kerr

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NAME: Therese Kerr

AGE: 48


  1. Events Manager/Ambassador of KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr.
  2. Co-Founder and Director Divine by Therese Kerr
  3. Ambassador for Holistic Family Health, and co-founder and Director of Divine By Therese Kerr.
  4. Author
  5. Speaker

Tell us a little about who you are, what you do, how you got here.

I am the proud mother of two children: Miranda and Matthew Kerr.  I am an accountant by profession and since February 2010 has been the General Manager of KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr.


I have worked in Senior Management roles for both domestic and international companies, and in conjunction with my husband, owned and operated many of my own businesses.

Like Miranda, I live and breathe everything organic, healthy and natural. Growing up in the country afforded myself and my family the luxury of experiencing nature and country life at its best. Armed with the desire throughout my life to make a real difference to other peoples lives, I relish in my role as Director of my own company: Divine By Therese Kerr Pty Ltd and as Event Manager / Ambassador of KORA Organics By Miranda Kerr.

In 2001I discovered I had tumours in my spleen.  This was a turning point and was the catalyst to develop a keen interest in health and nutrition.  For the past ten years I have become a sponge for information on all things relating to health, nutrition and spirituality. I am an advocate for, and regularly undertake and receive treatments in all forms of natural medicine and natural therapies, including but not limited to: acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, Traditional Chinese medicine, massage, reiki, kinesiology etc.

I see the joy of life… the joy of living.  One of my favourite sayings is: “A.W.L. (Aren’t We Lucky)”.

I practice a holistic approach to wellness, i.e., Physical, Mental and Spiritual and believes only when all three are aligned and working in unison, true health is attainable.

More about Therese:

As a regular public speaker for KORA Organics, Kids Helpline, Divine By Therese Kerr and Australian Organic, Therese shares her knowledge and passion for all things health and certified organic. Through KORA Organics By Miranda Kerr (the Certified organic premium skincare company which Therese and her husband John are part owners of) and through Divine By Therese Kerr (Therese’s own certified organic personal and hair care line that compliments the KORA Organics range) the Kerr family have provided a comprehensive solution that offers a total package of certified organic goodness to the world.

Last year Therese co-wrote: “Lunchbox Solutions” an i-book which has become a staple within households around the world (available at

This year Therese is releasing several books:

A further i-book: “Breakfast Solutions”. Both books are designed to help parents with the sometimes-daunting job of feeding children highly nutritious, and equally delicious food.

“Live, loving you”. This book is a personal account of Therese’s journey to date: the heartaches, the achievements and the wisdom and experience gleaned from her illness and life lessons to date. It shares the joy of raising two incredibly, gifted, talented children and will leave the reader empowered and lit up by the prospect of truly living.

“Live, loving life…From The Inside Out!” In this book Therese and her friend Chef Kate McAloon have teamed up to take the reader on a journey that enlivens not only the senses, but also the soul….  Recipes, healthy alternatives, basic life principles for inviting happiness into your heart and soul are shared as these two women take the reader through a maze of information in a fun-filled, joyful and enlightening way. The intent is for the reader to take from the book whatever serves their highest good, leave what doesn’t and hopefully discover the true joy in life.

Last but not least “Which Foods When” is a companion book to Dr. Jen’s “Well Adjusted Babies”.  In this book healthy recipes for mothers-to-be, including healthy eating tips for pre, during and post pregnancy are provided. Further information relating to the complexities of the digestive system offers the reader insight into what foods are best introduced when, to babies and children as they progress through to adulthood.

Above all else, Therese will leave you empowered allowing you to let your light shine, discover how incredible you are and just be present to the miracle of life as it unfolds every minute before you.

What does ‘health’ mean to you?

I truly believe you cannot be healthy unless you take a holistic approach and look after the physical mental spiritual aspects of your life. When you are truly healthy every cell in your body feels alive and vibrant and peace acceptance and love emanates from your core.

How do you manage to stay so fit and healthy?

Share your dietary philosophy/secrets…

I fill my body with nutrient and antioxidant rich power packed foods, juices and smoothies. I exercise regularly, as I’m committed to my health. I also mediate and take time out for me everyday.

What brings balance to your life?

Meditation and Yoga, I live such a busy life so it’s nice to just sit and have some me time. My goal is to meditate of a morning and an evening for at least 20-25 minutes, I try to do yoga a couple of times a week, and when I take time out I really am present in that time such as I am nurturing my body mind and spirit.

Your favorite healthy recreational activity?

Horse riding, tennis and dancing!

Who is your greatest health inspiration?

I don’t really have one particular person as I listen to and read lots of information and then I take what works for me and apply it to my life. People like Eileen hollingsworth, Phillip Day, Dr Jen Barham-Floreani, these are all people that share the same passion as I do for health and wellness.

Where is your favourite place on earth?

In my bed snuggled up with my husband and my little dog Tykey.

What is your favorite healthy meal/snack?

My Juithie! What’s a Juithie you ask, well it’s combination of a Juice and a Smoothie! I make this of a morning time and have it for breakfast, and will drink it throughout the day as a snack. It is bursting with nutrients that will keep you sustained all day, especially if you are a busy bee like myself. See this link for the full recipe:

What is your favorite healthy neighborhood restaurant?

Aboutlife health food stores, all of them around NSW.

Goals & Aspirations..?

Very soon I will be releasing my own personal care line called Divine by Therese Kerr. This range will consist of Certified Organic Shampoo, Conditioner, Argon oil blend, Deodorant, Hand wash, Hand lotion and Hand sanitizer. This range will compliment the KORA Organics range so in releasing this we have provided a comprehensive solution that offers a total package of certified organic goodness to the world. So we are very excited for that. I am also releasing 2 more books, Breakfast Solutions, which is a follow on from our book Lunchbox Solutions, and Live Loving Life, which I co-authored with my good friend Chef Kate. This book is a personal account and will also be filled with healthy recipes from both myself and Chef Kate. I am also in the middle of creating wellness programs for my website, where people will be able to sign up and for a period of time be walked through a step by step process to help them improve their mental, physical and spiritual health. I will also be doing lots more speaking events with KORA and Divine, through this I will be sharing my passion for health and wellbeing Australia wide, and hopefully one day soon, internationally! So it is all very exciting!

Please share one of your favourite recipes here:

Connect with Therese:

Instagram: @theresekerr

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  • Jo

    Hi will Therese be at qualia, Hamilton Island? for KORA organics during race week in August this year.

  • Lauren Burke

    Therese is one of my favourite people in the word, she is phenomenal and I love her with every cell of my being. A very, very ‘inspirational’ person xx



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