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Jess’ Inside & Out Skincare Tips

05 October 2021
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I’m a big believer in taking care of your skin from both the outside and inside by nourishing yourself with the right nutrients in your diet, whilst also using the right topical skincare products. This double approach has been key for me in maintaining healthy, youthful skin – especially since I hit 30 a couple of years ago.

These are my go to tips for a radiant, happy complexion.


Inside Skincare Tips

Load up on good nutrition and it will certainly show on the outside! My staples:

  • Eating good fats – these are so nourishing for the skin!
  • Eating colour fruits and vegetables for antioxidants – aim for the rainbow and you can’t go wrong.
  • I drink red wine for that resveratrol antioxidant hit 
  • Drink 2L water daily – hydration is key.
  • Enjoy 3-6g marine collagen a day – shown to help with skin hydration, elasticity and reducing visible signs of ageing.


Outside Skincare Tips 

The right kincare can make all the difference in protecting yourself from external aggressors and premature ageing, plus feeding it with incredible topical vitamins, nutrients and botanical actives. On my outside skincare menu:

  • Sunscreen daily to protect my skin 
  • I love using natural Vitamin C serum daily – it’s so brightening and great for collagen support
  • I use all natural skincare without chemicals e.g. parabens. This is important as what we put on our skin absorbs into our bodies.
  • Cream cleanser every night – this helps keep the skin barrier healthy as it doesn’t strip my skin of natural oils, which we need for a healthy complexion.
  • Lately I love using buriti oil each night – a natural retinol alternative. It’s transformed my skin.

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